ASUS Eee tops Apple again in reliability rankings

ASUS ranked most reliable

ASUS PCs held the top rank in the second-quarter RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report, a comparison between the required maintenance for a variety of computer brands. The ASUS Eee PC, released eight months ago, made a significant impact on the company's reliability scores and market share. The report relates the percentage of computers each company shipped to the number of calls to the RESCUECOM repair hotline over a three month period.

The term "computer reliability" is based on the the quality of the components and software that is used when manufacturing computers, along with post-sale support provided by the manufacturer to its customers.

ASUS ranked with a score of 416. Apple and IBM/Lenovo were ranked the second and third most reliable brands with scores of 394 and 314, respectively. Toshiba and HP/Compaq ranked fourth and fifth with respective scores of 218 and 142.

Apple fell from the top of RESCUECOM's ranks in the last quarter, as ASUS achieved an unusually high score of 972. The discrepancy was said to be related to the surge of Eee sales, although the number likely fell as the new computers endured several months of usage by customers.

  1. b9robot 08/19, 12:24pm

    You call applecare for service of Macs, not Rescuecom.

  1. SlimGem 08/19, 02:36pm

    Why does anyone still quote this disreputable outfit?

    Look them up on the web.

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