Crosley Radio intros four new Turntables

New Crosley Turntables

Crosley Radio has announced four additions to its line of turntables, the CR7002A, CR6007A, CR6005A and CR2413A. Two of the new turntables, the CR7002A and CR6007A, allow users to both play vinyl records and create digital recordings using a USB storage device or SD card. Both turntables enable the playback of MP3 files, while also integrating a CD player and AM/FM radio. The CR7002A Troubadour Turntable is equipped with a side-mounted cassette player, while the CR6007A Tech Turntable features an LCD display and remote control.

Both turntables offer three different play speeds and full-range stereo speakers, with support for 7-, 10- or 12-inch records. The CR7002A adds programmable 20-track memory, along with random and repeat play functions.

The CR6005A Tech Turntable features retro wood styling and a mirror faceplate for users to play their vinyl records on. It supports plug-and-play capabilities with other portable audio devices such as MP3 players, and comes complete with an AM/FM radio and analog tuner. Similar to the first two models, it can handle 7-, 10- and 12-inch records. The device integrates full-range stereo speakers and uses a "belt-driven" system.

The CR2413A is a redesigned version of the Memory Master CD Recorder, capable of copying vinyl records and audio cassettes directly to CD. The device also provides a USB port for transferring the recorded music onto a PC or laptop. It also offers an AM/FM radio and can play music from a separate portable audio device. Keeping with the previously mentioned turntables, the CR2413A includes full-range stereo speakers and a side-mounted cassette deck similar to the one featured in the CR7002A. As an added benefit, the deck is bundled with software for ripping and editing the recorded audio content.

The new turntables are expected to be available soon from the company's online store, and are priced at $200 for the CR7002A, $130 for the CR6007A, or $400 for the CR2413A. The entry-level CR6005A carries a price of $80.

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