Briefly: iPhone case/battery combo, Blimp for iPhone

XenDesktop on Apple TV

In brief: Tekkeon has released a new iPhone case which also integrates a built-in battery. The battery is said to double the life of the iPhone and is directly integrated into the leather exterior of the case. Craneballs studios has announced that its new iPhone game, Blimp: The Flying Adventures, should be available next week. The game takes players on a journey where they must protect their planet from an invasion. Meanwhile, Citrix has posted a new video which briefly outlines how to use an Apple TV to remotely access a computer. The video is fairly brief but shows the basic functionality of an Apple TV running XenDesktop such as running PowerPoint and Windows Media Player.

Tekkeon has announced that the latest version of its case and battery combo is now available. myPower for iPhone is a leather case which also features a built-in battery that is said to double the device's talk or standby time. The case is made from genuine leather and protects the device while still allowing full access to all controls. The battery also acts as a dock for the phone, allowing consumers to simply plug in the supplied USB cord without having to remove the phone from the case. myPower also includes a capacity indicator which allows users to quickly see how much charge remains. myPower for iPhone has received "Works with iPhone" certification from Apple and can be purchased for $80.

A new iPhone game has been submitted to the App Store, Blimp: The Flying Adventures, in which players take on the role of a blimp pilot. The pilot is a war veteran who took a job on a trading planet in order to live out the rest of their life in peace. The planet falls under attack by an evil empire and the player must then use their blimp to work through 20 levels and save the planet. The levels take place across four different locations and feature different enemies such as tanks, gun nests, and bunkers. The game also features comic-styled briefings before each level and a completely original soundtrack. The game should be available sometime next week, but pricing information has yet to be announced.

Citrix has released a video which displays how its XenDesktop can be used with the Apple TV for remotely accessing a desktop computer. According to the video, the required materials for configuration are: an Apple TV, a PatchStick or TVFlash, a USB keyboard, Firefox, the latest ICA client for OS X, and XenDesktop. Users begin by opening Firefox on Apple TV, and then logging into to the desktop through the web interface. Once logged in, all of a user's accessible virtual desktops are displayed and can then be launched. The XenDesktop software supports most Windows XP and Vista applications.

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