iPhone apps: Where To?, Brain Quest, Lamp Off

Charts, Air Mic Live

  • Where To? ($3) uses the iPhone's ability to track a users location to point them to places of interest nearby. The application can find food, shopping locations, or fun things to do, with driving directions available for each location. All of the destinations have been organized into categories and subcategories to make finding the desired location simpler. Locations can also be added to a favorites list, allowing users tag a location for future reference.

  • Brain Quest Blast Off: Grade 4 ($10) is an educational game that contains over 2,000 questions created by grade-level specialists. The questions in the game have been matched to the grade 4 curriculum in English, math, US history, science and geography categories, while providing an additional grab-bag section. Players can choose from quizzes that contain questions from each category, or tests that focus on single subjects.

  • Lamp Off ($3) is a puzzle game that requires the player to turn off a grid of lights. The challenge of the puzzle comes from the way the lights behave. Whenever one light is toggled, all of the surrounding bulbs are also toggled. Gamers must develop a methodical plan to successfully turn off every light.

  • Charts ($1) allows users to view music, video and game charts from over 40 countries in the world. The application breaks down the charts in each category, providing lists such as the Top 40 Rock Albums, Top 100 Albums or Top Wii Games.

  • Air Mic Live Audio ($5) allows users to listen to an audio stream captured from a PC or Mac's built-in microphone. The mic can then be used as a home surveillance tool to monitor the audio activity around the computer. The application can be used over a 3G or WiFi network and provides audio that is delayed by approximately five seconds.
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