iPhone apps: TalkingPics, eSnowglobe, 3D Gallery

Budgee, InstaContact

  • TalkingPics ($10) is an audio recorder that allows users to attach photos and written notes to each recording. Collections of recordings, notes, photos and maps are bundled into projects, which can then be viewed as a slideshow or as individual items.

  • eSnowglobe ($2) turns an iPhone or iPod touch into a virtual snowglobe. Users can create gusts of wind by swiping a finger across the screen, and a snowball can be made by dragging along the snow. One of three included images can be chosen as a background, or else an original image can be substituted from a person's photo library. All sound effects used in the app are made to blend in with a user's own music.

  • 3D Gallery ($5) turns an iPhone or Touch's photo gallery into a 3D art museum. Users can then take a tour through their art by using arrow controls to move around, and by touching other areas on the screen, change their line of sight. The app includes 50 different frames for a user's pictures, and does not stop the iPod app from playing in the background.

  • Budgee ($2) is a budgeting application for the iPhone that sets and tracks spending in several categories. Budgee allows users to track the items that they find most important, and provides an overview of how much has been spent as well as how that relates to the desired budget. For users looking to further analyze their spending, the data can be exported to CSV files.

  • InstaContact ($2) helps users more quickly input contact information into the default Contacts app. Users can customize the fields they want InstaContact to handle, allowing them to enter important information efficiently.
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