Apps: Cocktail, VideoFlash Converter, iWeb Valet

Together, RbApp

  • Cocktail 4.2 (Tiger Edition) ($15) is designed to allow access to some of the more complicated functions within the Unix shell. The update allow uses to search and delete corrupted preference files and also includes a searchable database of Mac OS system error codes. The software has also been optimized to improve both the speed and reliability of the software. This release is only for users running Mac OS X Tiger. [Download - 2MB]

  • VideoFlash Converter 1.9 ($40) allows the conversion of QuickTime compatible video files to either the Adobe Flash SWF or FLV format. The most popular formats are supported, including AVI, MOV, MPG, DivX and more. The update has added a Bitrate Calculator which allows users to set an approximated out file size. [Download - 4.8MB]

  • iWeb Valet 1.2 ($19) is a tool for enhancing and uploading iWeb pages. After creating a page in iWeb, instead of publishing to MobileMe, iWeb Valet allows users to publish the site to a local folder and then upload it to an FTP sever. The update allows the application to perform multiple search and replace operations on all html files contents at once. The software also now has improved backwards compatibility with presets created in previous iWeb Valet versions.

  • Together 2.2 ($39) is an application for storing, previewing, editing and searching a variety of files. Most items can be dragged to Together's main window or Shelf for quick access. The Shelf is a system-wide window which can be used to browse and search the library and make quick notes. Version 2.2 has added new features such as intelligent auto-tagging, tag bundles, nested groups, rearrangeable tabs and various improvements to previews and the system wide Shelf. [Download - 5.1MB]

  • RbApp 2.2 ($295) is a collection of reusable REALbasic classes that help programmers create better software. The application includes components such as RbGrid, a flexible, scaleable grid with programming control and RbCalendar which presents a calendar dialog and returns a selected date. The update has new properties, methods and events within many components. There are also several new file management and string manipulation methods. [Download - 33.4MB]
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