BlackBerry Storm hits Nov. 21 at iPhone price

Verizon's BlackBerry Storm

Verizon early on Thursday finally committed to a final release date and price for its version of the BlackBerry Storm. Initially announced over a month ago, the first touchscreen phone from RIM will be available on November 21st through the carrier and is conspicuously priced at the same $200 contract price as Apple's iPhone from rival AT&T after factoring in a $50 rebate. The cost difference is effectively a trade-off as the device drops the 8GB of storage and full multi-touch display in favor of a 3.2-megapixel camera with video capture, a dual-format CDMA and GSM radio, microSDHC storage and a touchscreen that "clicks" to produce physical feedback.

The equal pricing points to heavy subsidies on the BlackBerry, which is a closer match to the iPhone in hardware and so carries the same risk of softening earnings by pushing Verizon to absorb much of the up-front pricing in exchange for more lucrative customers, which will need to subscribe to a data plan alongside voice and thus pay their provider more each month.

Verizon is claimed by some sources to have deliberately forced out Wi-Fi from the Storm and may have done so to prevent subscribers from using a voice-only or low-end data plan to skirt around the company's 3G network. It also goes without the iPhone's tri-band 3G in what's believed a move to prevent customers from porting the Storm over to AT&T.

  1. starwarrior 11/13, 06:38am

    Touch versus poke screen in a big deal. None of the analysts know the difference. You should be highlighting in in all of your new phone stories.

  1. starwarrior 11/13, 06:43am

    It is not the "less mistakes" marketing hype. It is the patent infringement thing. It is the reason that the copies will never approach the iPhone's elegance and ease of use.

  1. typesetterX 11/13, 08:30am

    Much as I'd like an iPhone, I have to remain with Qwest (now served by Verizon) for one-number service. Call my home number and my cell phone rings if it's on, anywhere in the nation.

    My greatest need is Apple iSync capability. There are no phones listed on the Apple iSync compatibility page that correlate w/ the current list of Verizon phones. My old Motorola T731 synchronizes but is getting old.

    Seems everybody wants smaller and smaller cell phones. Next we'll be talking into a Triscuit. My preference is for a comfortably larger, high-quality cell phone. Maybe the new V Storm will meet iSync requirements.

    Do you know? Can you recommend a solution for us Qwest/Verizon/Macintosh users?

  1. starwarrior 11/13, 09:39am

    Ring, that is, with Packet 8 through Internet cable.

  1. Butch Hauke 11/13, 09:26pm

    That's just crazy talk! What are they thinking?

  1. luckyday 11/13, 10:11pm

    Wifi is useless. I have the Bold. 3G is fast enough for casual browsing. I never have Wifi on. I have a laptop at home and a computer at work. Need time away from the internet, not more time on it.

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