Intel exec claims Atom-based Apple tablet

Intel GER on Apple Tablet

Intel Germany chief Hannes Schwaderer today claimed at a Munich company event that Apple is developing a touchscreen device based on his firm's new Atom processor for ultra-mobile devices. As interpreted by AppleInsider, the executive provides few details but indicates that it will be slightly larger than the iPhone due to a larger display.

The executive also implies that the equipment may be a new iPhone model, though previous rumors from AppleInsider have suggested a tablet-like device that would be used for general computing. Intel's current version of the Atom is also considered by many to be too hot and power-demanding for devices small enough to be used as cellphones; the basic 800MHz Atom chip is currently slated for ultra-mobile PCs as well as a new class of device known as a Mobile Internet Device, which is usually built for a combination of Internet access and media playback.

Intel itself has instead suggested that the Atom's replacement next year, codenamed Moorestown, will be more suitable to smartphones with both reduced power and heat as well as a reduced footprint. At a previous company Developer Forum, Intel revealed a prototype of an iPhone-influenced device that would use Moorestown but in a stretched-out form factor meant for carrying in a bag rather than a pocket.

The report also suggests that Apple has no plans to abandon the iPhone as-is and refers to common speculation that the company is bound to launch an updated 3G version at next month's Worldwide Developer Conference.

  1. njfuzzy 05/14, 05:19pm

    Apple is almost certainly developing something. That doesn't mean there are plans yet to release something. More likely a R&D project to see whether the processor could lead to viable products.

  1. danviento 05/14, 05:35pm

    are we talking a more video-centric ipod touch with more space and wi-fi access? That'd be a better size of touch keyboard for my big fingers....

  1. Constable Odo 05/14, 07:45pm

    had better start their copiers working overtime. There was an interesting article at Roughly Drafted Magazine as to why there wouldn't be a tablet. It had to do with conflicting the Apple product line. Maybe this project is far off so Apple may do some product shifting in the future.

  1. jwdsail 05/14, 08:52pm

    Perhaps this is the reason we saw the Air introduced at the higher than expected price? To set aside room in the product range for a MacOS Touch based device like this? ($800-$1000) Granted, I'd prefer a Mac Mini Extreme that held a 3.5 HD and had a PCIe slot at that price range....

  1. aristotles 05/14, 11:36pm

    Could Apple be developing a high res multi-touch table small enough to hold in your hand?

    Such a device could be useful as a PDA for quick data entry while walking around (great for doctors), remote control or basic data analysis while standing/walking around.

    It could be the closest device we've seen so far to those PAD devices that were on Star Trek DS9 and Voyager.

  1. BDLatimer 05/15, 02:32am

    I can't believe I'm going to admit to being geeky enough to post this, but:

    The Star Trek device is a "PADD" = Personal Access Display Device. Created during the ST:TNG timeframe, as a Newton-esque remote computer interface terminal.

    And yes: I think it would be great addition to the Apple computing-device lineup. So many have been looking for the Air to be smaller, and/or the iPhone to be larger, something like this appears that it could fill that niche, and do quite nicely.

  1. Peter Bonte 05/15, 03:28am

    I need a device like this but i don't want to pay $800+ for it, a bigger iPod in the $400 price range would be perfect.

  1. dynsight 05/15, 07:35am

    It could very well be the first comment is the most correct. Apple does a lot of R&D, and there are many patents and neo-products that never see the light of day. HOWEVER, some of the technology they develop during their research may make it into existing products.


  1. UberFu 05/15, 09:56am

    the iPhone - by what - 2cm ? Or maybe actually a lot bigger and therefore able to constitute a computer instead of a big iPhone_

    in other news...Hannes Schwaderer resigns his position among rumors that he broke his binding non-discloure agreement and now owes Apple his left t******* and first born_

  1. testudo 05/15, 12:36pm

    If you can read German, how about posting a full translation, fur die Google eins sucks.

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