Google posts contest, SDK to boost Android OS

Google Android award, SDK

Google has announced the creation of the Android Developer Challenge, two contests meant to foster the growth of its Android mobile operating system. The company says that while it has already built some applications for Android, it wants more and better ones, for which it will issue prizes ranging between $25,000 and $275,000 out of a total pool of $10 million. Fifty $25,000 prizes will be awarded towards the end of March, with the goal of funding extra development; the winners will then be eligible for the May prizes, consisting of 10 $100,000 and 10 $275,000 payouts.

The above two phases only represent the first contest however, with Challenge II being scheduled for the second half of 2008, when the first Android phones will become commercially available. To get developers going, the company has already posted an early version of its SDK, containing tools, libraries, documentation and an emulator. Versions are available for Windows, Intel Macs and i386-based Linux systems.

  1. delanogj3 11/13, 12:04am

    This could be my bipolar disorder but, I want to work with some other like-minded individuals (like in terms of ambition, not bipolar unless is drives your creativity too) to attempt at developing an application for Android. I am a Google fanboy and strive to attain the same success as Brin and Page; Wozniak and Jobs; Gates and Allen. In all of the aforementioned dynamic duos, their was the engineer and the visionary-I would be the visionary.

    I am ready to start playing with the SDK and see what will come of it. It isnt smart to develop software alone so I would like to join a team or form a team to get a piece of that prize money and and possibly start a business venture (assuming we work well together and create a niche).

    I am delanogj3 on Gtalk.

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