Glide brings iPhone collaboration

Glide for iPhone

Ahead of Apple's launch of the iPhone in the UK, Glide Mobile today released a service for iPhone, Smartphone, and Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms, allowing users to store, edit and distribute documents where a data connection is available. Glide offers a free service, allowing four users to collaborate with 2GB of online storage, while a paid option is available, granting 10GB of storage for 24 users. The paid service has a monthly and yearly subscription, starting at $5 per month, with additional 10GB spaces available for $5.

The iPhone service will allow users to view, edit, format, preview and share Microsoft Word documents, offering formatting options like bold, italics, bullets, 40 symbols, and can do HTML source editing and previewing. Glide can automatically sync and convert Word documents for use with the iPhone.

Media rich documents can be created, through the use of photos, music, video, documents, bookmarks, calendar events, among others. Glide can import documents from Microsoft Word, Open Office, plain text, RTF and HTML documents, with export options available in Word, PDF, and RTF format.

When collaborating with other users, Glide uses non-destructive rights-based editing methods, allowing others to modify files and communicate using integrated email, sharing and chat applications. The web-app can be used to deliver presentations directly on the iPhone, and the presentations can be exported in PowerPoint and PDF formats for simple distribution.

Glide activates many different media options for iPhone users, allowing the device to play WMA and WMV files. 35 different photo editing effects can be applied to images, and can be exported into JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP and EPS formats.

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