Oxygen 9.0 offers WYSIWYG functionality

Syncro Soft updates Oxygen

Syncro Soft today announced a major update to its XML editor, releasing Oxygen 9.0. New in this version is a CSS-based visual XML editor that allows the user to edit the page as it is seen when it is viewed through a web browser. Using industry standard W3C CSS 2.1 specifications, Oxygen allows users to create and modify XML content without being locked into a proprietary format. Syncro has also introduced wider support for the W3C CSS 3.0 draft, allowing the use of CSS XML namespaces and the "attr" function. Oxygen comes with support for many XML formats - such as DITA, DocBook 4/5, TEI P4/P5, and XHTML, with CALS and HTML table models - and is available now, starting at $230 for a standard license, or $50 for an academic license.

Oxygen 9.0 resolves incomplete error reports - messages such as "required attributes missing" or "unfinished element" - providing proper definition as to what XML attributes or elements are missing, and what is expected to finish the element.

Syncro Soft has introduced many more changes, and a complete version history can be viewed on its website.

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