Adobe outlines Leopard compatibility

Adobe apps on Leopard

Adobe on Friday announced that most of it most popular products were compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, but that many of its applications would require forthcoming updates -- due in December 2007 and January 2008 -- for full compatibility with Apple's newest operating system. Most of its Creative Suite 3 Web are certified and fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, including Photoshop CS3, Illustrator CS3, GoLive CS3, Dreamweaver CS3, Fireworks CS3, Flash CS3, InCopy/InDesign CS3, and Contribute CS3.

Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional and its professional video applications, including Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, After Effects CS3 Professional, Encore CS3, and Soundbooth CS3 will need updates -- all of which are expected to be freely available in December 2007, while updates for Acrobat 8 Professional and Adobe Reader 8 are expected in January 2008.

The company, however, confirmed that most of the CS3 applications and associated technologies, such as Adobe Bridge CS3, Version Cue CS3, and Device Central CS3, are compatible with Mac OS X Leopard without requiring additional updates.

"Adobe and Apple have been collaborating closely for months to ensure that Adobe Creative Suite 3 applications can run smoothly and reliably on Mac OS X Leopard, the company said. "We are proud to support this impressive new operating system, and to ensure that our creative customers can take full advantage of the performance and value of using Creative Suite 3 applications and Mac OS X Leopard on Intel-based and PowerPC Macs."

Adobe said that its testing showed that most CS3 applications perform well on Leopard (and that others run well but need updates for a few identified issues), but recognized that other issues may unexpectedly arise on any new operating system. The company said that it will continue test and to monitor user experience closely to address any such issues, and encouraged feedback via its website.

The company said that older versions of Adobe and Macromedia applications may work with Leopard, but warned against incompatibilities and said that its older products would not be updated for Leopard.

"While older Adobe applications may install and run on Mac OS X Leopard, they were designed, tested, and released to the public several years before this new operating system became available," Adobe wrote in its FAQ. "You may, therefore, experience a variety of installation, stability, and reliability issues for which there is no resolution."

The full FAQ is available on Adobe's website.

  1. robttwo 10/27, 08:27am

    So we have to wait 3 months for Acrobat combatibility? I guess no one who works with print will be upgrading until then.

    Adobe, you had an extra 6 months to get this done and JUST released major updates.


  1. derbbre 10/27, 12:42pm

    Photoshop 4 was the last great Adobe product. Since then it has been sliding down hill fast. How long did it take then to get CS3 out? How long was Apple telling developers about Carbon vs. Cocoa? How long has Apple given developers to get Leopard-ready? Adobe needs to spend less time on breaking technologies that will never catch on (AIR) and more time making Photoshop and Illustrator work again.

  1. jeph4e 10/27, 03:59pm

    And when does boot camp support ends when?

  1. ibnabouna 10/28, 04:51pm

    Actually, I have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat CS3 running on my Mac Pro with OS X 10.5. It works just fine; I don't see any glaring incompatibilities that prevent me from using Acrobat.

  1. ClevelandAdv 10/29, 12:01am

    I have created over 20 test PDF's through Acrobat+Distiller, and done some editing etc. Acrobat Pro seems to work fine.

    Adobe makes the most bug-free products I have ever used. I appreciate that they don't hurry out product releases and then bug-fix to death.

  1. daniel2828 10/29, 01:55pm

    Can't run Bridge since installing Leopard. starts up...but there are no windows to view. Also, oddly enough, when I attempt to add Bridge to Spaces, the icon is ghosted out and won't allow itself to be included.

  1. daniel2828 10/29, 02:04pm

    I'm sorry, I'm an idiot. I had ALREADY installed Bridge into Spaces and found it on Space 2. Still getting used to some oddities in Spaces, I guess. Odd that the menu will show up in space 1 upon opening, but not the windows themselves. Other programs will show up in their entirety, even if opened in one space when assigned to another.

  1. m i k e 12/21, 01:54am

    Well it seems to me that Bridge is not compatible. The program has frozen up on me and I get errors each time I close it. Also, I can't delete previous searches in Stock Photos. They always come back. Anyone else with these issues?

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