Mac sales help best ever September quarter

Apple's best Sept. quarter

Apple on Monday reported its best September quarter in history, beating many analyst estimates as well as Wall Street consensus to send company shares soaring more than 2.3 percent after the market closed. Apple earned revenue of $6.22 billion with the help of more than 2.16 million Mac sales -- which broke the company's record for the most Mac sales in a September quarter by 400,000 units. Overall, Apple generated more than $24 billion in revenue and $3.5 billion in net income during the fiscal year 2007. Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer cited "record results" in his introductory comments, adding that this was the "highest September quarter revenue and earnings in Apple's history."

Apple once again found that over 50 percent of customers purchasing Macs in its retail stores were new to Mac systems, according to Oppenheimer. The company saw 34 percent growth in Mac sales over September of last year, ultimately exceeding the previous quarterly record for Mac shipments by 400,000.

Oppenheimer pointed to "record mac sales" and "continued strong demand for iPod" as he introduced Apple's fourth fiscal quarter results, noting that Mac products and services accounted for 62 percent of the company's total quarterly revenue. The CFO also revealed that Apple's global growth rate was more than double IDC's most recently published growth rate for the industry.

Consumers scooped up Apple's new iMacs in droves, helping to raise the company's year-over-year growth in desktop systems by 31 percent.

"We're looking forward to a strong December quarter as we enter the holiday season with Apple's best products ever," said company chief Steve Jobs.

  1. climacs 10/22, 08:49pm

    "company shares soaring more than 2.3 percent after the market closed"

    actually, shares went up 2.3 percent during trading today, but after the market closed AAPL soared nearly $12 higher to $186.35, or 6.9% over its closing price.

    Looks like analysts will be bumping their targets even higher over the next few days and weeks.

  1. chas_m 10/22, 11:35pm

    ... all those iMac glossy-screen naysayers can now officially SUCK IT.

  1. UberFu 10/23, 09:05am

    as a mid-range alternative in a work environment the new glossy-iMacs are impractical_

    It makes them looks cute and appealing in the store and - Yes all the teeny-boppers love them - I'm sure_

    But trying to use them as a professional workstation leaves much to be desired_

    Low lighting - full lighting - direct or indirect lighting - the glare from the sceen is a nusance at best_ --------------------------------

    In any event the reason I'm posting has more to do with why is the 4th quarter annual report so f****** important that it deems the attention of at least 5 stories in 3.5 hours ?

    Now I like Apple as much as the rest - but this isn't the WWDC or MacWorld - WTF ?

  1. Constable Odo 10/23, 09:18am

    then go buy a MacPro. Duh. I was wondering. Don't companies still make after-market anti-glare screens for people that are bothered by glare or have they stopped making them.

    Office lighting can be tricky for computer users, however sometimes just adjusting the angle of view can help remove glare.

  1. hayesk 10/23, 10:24am

    Does your mouse not have a scroll wheel, or your keyboard not have a page down key? Scroll past the stories you don't want to read.

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