Hackers release iPhone 1.1.1 unlock

Hackers unlock iPhone 1.1.

Hackers have posted a working iPhone unlock for Apple's latest revision -- iPhone Update 1.1.1 -- to the hackint0sh forums. The talented individuals have created a means of once again removing the iPhone's dependence upon Apple's exclusive cellular carrier, AT&T, by enabling the device to work with any SIM card -- the small storage medium that retains all the data of a particular wireless subscriber. The latest unlocking method comes after slew of curious iPhone owners set out to obtain read and write file access to the devices, while some reached a further goal of unlocking the handset for use with non-AT&T cellular service.

Apple first issued a warning to iPhone owners about unlocking their phones and then released an update that removed filesystem access and disabled most hacked devices, effectively 'bricking' affected iPhones or rendering them useless.

Since Apple's iPhone Update 1.1.1, hackers were forced to re-engineer their 'jailbreak' methods to once again obtain filesystem access on the handsets, which would allow them to install third-party software and ultimately unlock the phone for non-AT&T use a second time.

The hackers who have unlocked updated iPhones without corrupting the temporary memory, known as NVRAM, are offering the unlock as a digital download. The hackers also suggest surfing to the iNdependence project Web page hosted on Google Code as the easiest way to both jailbreak and activate iPhones carrying the 1.1.1 update.

  1. ZinkDifferent 10/17, 06:20pm

    ..by whining and fist shaking as soon as Apple updates the operating system, to plug these holes (as they need to).

    It's a cat and mouse game, as Jobs said, but the way I see it (while not denying the talent and abilities of those tearing the iPhone apart), a vocal minority of that demographic is mostly composed of individuals with zero emotional maturity and lacking the ability to see anywhere beyond their most basic and immediate "I WANT!" emotives...

  1. DocZ 10/18, 04:18am

    It's great that so many volunteers put their efforts in unlocking the phone. From the beginning, it was a mistake of Apple to make exclusive deals with providers and limit access to the phone for programmers. Hopefully, this will change soon.

    keep up the good work!

  1. hayesk 10/18, 11:39am

    If not for exclusive deals with providers, you'd have no visual voicemail and no reasonably priced unlimited data plans. No carrier would offer up that without some kind of exclusive arrangement.

    Oh yeah, and the iPhone would probably cost $800.

  1. testudo 10/18, 02:01pm

    If not for exclusive deals with providers, you'd have no visual voicemail and no reasonably priced unlimited data plans. No carrier would offer up that without some kind of exclusive arrangement.

    Well, if visual voicemail were THAT important, you don't think other carriers would add support for it? They need to get paid to make any change?

    So it would cost $800. Who cares, if one could do what they want with it. They could easily travel overseas and switch out SIMs with ease and not worry about it. Or get a plan that works best for them, rather stuck with a '1-price fits all' approach (the classic Apple "consumers are stupid and need things simple so they can understand them" approach). I have no need at all for text messaging. Why should i pay for it. If I don't want a data plan (because I might be always near wifi), why should I pay for it. And it would sell more phones, since there are people who can't or won't go with AT&T.

  1. Pennywigeon 10/19, 01:04pm

    "Hacker have now released their new hack, termed

    iBrick 2.0

    Lawyers are waiting on the bench salivating on the next slew of stupidity to boil forth."

    "In other news Apple will release a SUPPORTED SDK in February. With this release comes many shaking fists and cries of outrage from the overly geeked hacker community."

    "The next target for consumer rights is Microsoft. Today in the news people have come to the realization that the XBox 360 cannot play Playstation 3 and Wii games. OUr welfare mentality consumers feel this violates their consumer rights and will post class action lawsuits as soon as they are done blow drying their hair in the shower and pouring hot coffee in their laps in hopes to make a quick buck."

    "Protect the stupid for they will inherit the earth."

  1. Guest 02/10, 07:21am

    i folks! i allready unlocked my iphone 1.1.1 otb with this german tutorial: http://www.handy-faq.de/forum/iphone_faq_anleitungen/34356-iphone_1_1_1_unlock_entsperren.html

    it works great! thx to devteam

  1. Guest 02/10, 07:28am

    iPhone 1.1.1 unlock

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