Redesigned MBP MagSafe adapters to ship soon

Redesigned MBP adapters

Apple is reportedly halting shipments of MagSafe power adapters for the MacBook Pro in favor of redesigned models due later this month. The stop was enacted because of apparent design flaws that can cause the units overheat and fray, especially at the connection point between the brick and the wire according to AppleInsider. In addition to the overheating issue, some recent MagSafe adapters have shown a defect where the pins at the connection point spring back into place, resulting in a faulty connection to the host Mac. Finally, some units exhibit a more innocuous issue where the LED indicator does not light up even though charging is taking place.

Exemplifying one of the issue, a poster to the MacRumors forums reports that his MacBook Pro's power adapter suddenly caught on fire. He writes: "I was sitting here surfing the net and I started smelling smoke. I followed the strongness of the scent and look down and saw actual smoke coming from the cord on my brick."

When asked about the delays, Apple store representatives contacted by MacNN last week said newer models would be available, but were still 2-4 weeks away.

The report indicates that the redesign only applies to the MacBook Pro adapters and not the 60W MacBook MagSafe power adapters -- which can be used to power a MacBook Pro, but charges the battery much more slowly.

This would be the second redesign of the power adapter: earlier this summer, the company redesigned the MacBook Pro adapter to be smaller and less bulky.

  1. njfuzzy 10/09, 09:22pm

    I bet this means a laptop update is on the way. Normally, Apple designs a new adapter to go alone with new laptops. This plan probably works because a new one is on the way for the new machines.

  1. Zaren 10/09, 09:39pm

    Of course, I don't use the "switchblade" plug, I have the extension cable connected to the brick, and the cable that goes to the MacBook is never fully unraveled, stretched, or bent at the connection point. I just ordered a few 60w Magsafe adapters as backups for work - wonder if they'll be the new ones.

  1. boomer0127 10/09, 10:03pm

    ...why the adapters I ordered in late august are still backordered - date just changed to Oct 30.

  1. hayesk 10/10, 10:49am

    would be a magsafe connector at both ends of the wire. Then if it breaks, you don't have to buy a new adapter.

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