Amiga: OS5 better than Mac OS X

Amiga CEO on OS5, Mac OS X

Amiga CEO Bill McEwen has declared that his company's OS5 will be better than Mac OS X, insisting that the forthcoming operating system has much to offer while refusing to give any details. Amiga's OS5 is well underway, according to McEwen, who promised to serve up a press release before the end of 2007 offering details on Amiga's secret project. "Details for OS 5 will be made public in the fourth quarter of 2007, and then you will have a much clearer understanding and I will let you decide if what I know to be true is accurate," the executive said. OS5 is said to scale to its host hardware, allowing the system software to run on anything from mobile phones to consoles and servers. Amiga is currently fighting a legal battle over OS4, but McEwen said OS5 is ahead of schedule as he reiterated forthcoming announcements in the fourth quarter of this year.

  1. Jonathan-Tanya 10/08, 08:41pm

    glad to see everyone ignored this article. As a long time Amigan.... let me say, that, this is what I'd call a hobbyist company, its not clear if they have offices or employees, or they are running things from their bedrooms...they cartainly don't generally release the products they claim they are going to release. I regard announcements from these guys as being little more than geeks trying to garner some attention.

    They did once release an SDK, it was mostly a repackaged IDE from another company...but its not out of the realm of possibility, that someone would use the famous name to release something...but highly unlikely nevertheless.

  1. JohnM15141 10/08, 08:47pm

    God! I loved the Amiga. Back in the day when Macs where pretentious and expensive and PC's where only for the corporate crowd. I wanted to upgrade my nifty Commodore.

    But that was then this now...

    Now its just a purchased trademark, good luck!

  1. eldarkus 10/08, 08:47pm

    I'm putting out a new processor that will beat the Quad Core Xeon by 400%. Unfortunately, because of legal proceedings, I cannot comment on matters related to the processor.

    (The main answer for most every question asked on the website)

  1. mgpalma 10/08, 08:56pm

    Anyone, anyone???

  1. jarod 10/08, 08:57pm

    I think they teach about them in my history class along with dead dinosaurs.

  1. panjandrum 10/08, 08:59pm

    As great as the Amiga was there is simply no longer a need for it. Let's face it, we can now do with brute force what the 16-bit Amiga (and Atari) computers did with brilliant design and finesse. It is too bad that we had to wait almost 20 years for Mac and Windows computers to catch up to the capabilities of the Amiga and Atari, but neither of those systems is any longer necessary since we now have the sheer power to create excellent and fast computing experiences without the necessity of efficient operating systems and software, or brilliant programmers squeezing every last bit of speed possible out of their wonderful machines. It was a great era, and I can only imagine how much further advanced the computing world would be if they had succeeded and the Mac and PC failed instead, but there is no way a new Amiga system could possibly perform the leap-frog suggested. It might be good, but it would have to be 20 years ahead again to gain any true interest, and I don't see that happening.

  1. rvhernandez 10/08, 09:04pm

    Amiga is the feminine form of the Spanish word for friend?

  1. shmoolie 10/08, 09:37pm

    When I read the article I thought it was a level or a late April Fool's day prank. It still was a good chuckle.

    me wittle Amiga wunning da big iwon. Ooh bebe.

  1. Cleverboy 10/08, 09:55pm

    Would it have killed anyone to add a question mark to the end of the title for this article? Yeesh.

  1. A grain of salt 10/08, 10:26pm

    I sold my A1200 6 months ago for $150 Aus. Just think, I could have been running OS 5 on a PPC 603e processor and no graphics card. Oh the joys.

    As was mentioned before. A beautiful system in its day. My A1200 still booted quicker and did the simple things quicker than XP. But they were a machine of the time. Much of their brilliance was the fact of their custom chip sets and the fact that the OS was tightly tied to it. Those days are gone.

    "Amiga is the feminine form of the Spanish word for friend?"

    Which is why Jay Miner, Amiga's creator, named it Amiga. Your computer becomes your girlfriend.

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