Apple debuts "iPod touch" with WiFi

Jobs debuts iPod touch

Apple boss Steve Jobs today introduced the widely rumored and highly anticipated touch-sensitive iPod, codenamed iPod touch. The iPod looks nearly identical to the iPhone in appearance, with a large screen and a customary 'home' button at the bottom. "It features our revolutionary multi-touch interface that you've come to know and love on the iPhone," said Jobs. "If you've used an iPhone you'll feel at home, it's exactly the same." The company also unveiled a new application specific to iPod touch and the iPhone, the iTunes WiFi music store. The new store allows users to preview and download songs via WiFi in the same fashion as the original iTunes software. Apple will offer the iPod touch in two configurations with 8GB and 16GB storage capacities for $300 and $400, respectively. Both models are slated for shipment "in just a few weeks" but before the end of the month.

The 3.5-inch widescreen display displays photos just like the iPhone, and supports Apple's "pinch-to-zoom" technique as well as the customary slide for unlocking the device.

The iPod touch features CoverFlow technology, and includes a WiFi meter in the top-left corner of the screen to monitor signal strength. The new iPod's wireless capability includes 802.11 b/g support, and utilizes the company's Safari Web browser to login to public wireless networks as well as surf the Web.

Apple's iPod touch supports YouTube in a fashion similar to the iPhone, and boasts a battery life of 22 hours for audio playback or five hours of video playback.

  1. boris_cleto 09/05, 02:14pm

    Like now.

  1. coldfusion1970 09/05, 02:21pm

    I'm so buying one of these.

    Phew, it stops me having to buy the iPhone (great product, but i dont like two year service contracts).

  1. TiDual 09/05, 02:22pm

    This is fantastic ... all Wi-Fi naysayers must repent. The pricing of ipod touch and iphone is now perfectly rational, too. Basically if you want the phone, your're paying for it with the contract price alone (o.k and it has 8GB less).

    Feel sorry for those who bought an iPhone yesterday, though: $200 price drop ... ouch!

  1. Feathers 09/05, 02:36pm

    ...can buy you a newly reduced Zune! Ha! Ha! Ha! It'll be a cold day in h*** before M$ can steal any Apple thunder. I'm guessing that morale at Redmond must be hitting a new low as they've just had their a** handed to them...again. Two words must be forbidden within the evil empire...Apple and Nintendo! Wiiiiiiiii...!!!

  1. ronphlf 09/05, 02:46pm

    If there's WiFi, then why isn't there Mail program?

  1. TheSnarkmeister 09/05, 02:59pm

    An iPhone without the drudge of AT&T.

  1. boris_cleto 09/05, 03:04pm

    It's called gmail.

  1. cgmpowers 09/05, 03:04pm

    No camera, speaker or bluetooth for the iPod Touch. This way, I am assuming, you can't add Skype to it and circumvent AT&T as an iPhone clone...

    I guess that's why there's no native 'maps' or 'email' like the iPhone. However, if its the same software as an iPhone, apps should be coming out soon I would imagine.


  1. tortenteufel 09/05, 03:05pm

    With the current price policy of Apple you'll save about 40% when you wait for a couple of months...

  1. Bermy 09/05, 03:09pm

    it is awesome but...(sigh)...

    it doesnt appear to play the ipod games? anyone confirm this? If not thats too bad because i enjoyed playing quite a few.

    Second, 802.11b/g? why not "N"? The problem with this is that at home Im on airport extreme set at 'N' for my Apple tv/MacBook Pro. With the airport extreme set to N it wont speak with with b/g devices so to use the iPod touch wi-fi at home id have to switch down "N" to b/g. I know...not a *huge* deal but...still...

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