Apple launches third-gen iPod nano [U]

iPod nano 3G

At its special event in San Francisco, Apple today launched its third generation in as many years of the iPod nano. True to an early photo leak, the new model features a larger, 2-inch screen with a 320x240 resolution that supports video playback as well as the high-quality games that first shipped with the fifth-generation iPod; Sudoku, Vortex, and one other game are included out of the box, according to Apple. The design completely eliminates the use of plastic end caps while becoming even thinner than before at 0.25 inches.

Significantly, the new model is also one of the first homes of Apple's new, click wheel-driven iPod interface. The higher 204 dots-per-inch resolution -- the most ever for an Apple-made device -- includes a new split-screen interface that shows album art and other content on one side while scrolling through menus on another. Cover Flow is now a part of the design and lets users brows music and videos by album covers or video previews, viewing track details after selecting the album.

Apple promises 24 hours of continuous music and 5 hours of video on the new models, which ship in black, cranberry, light blue, light green, silver, and silver colors alongside a new Product(RED) model. Models should be available beginning today from the online Apple Store in 4GB for $149 and 8GB for $249.

  1. Flying Meat 09/05, 03:28pm

    Just saw the pictures. It looks fine with a hand holding it (for scale) but just the new nano's by themselves look monolithic and unbalanced (screen too wide, leaving dead space on either side of the controls.)

    Well, it's time to start pressuring the accountant for iPhone funds. ;)

  1. wr11 09/05, 03:45pm

    Man those last gen nanos were thin. I am sure this sucker will look much better in person.

  1. BDLatimer 09/05, 08:52pm

    Alright, MacNN - come on: "…which ship in black, cranberry, light blue, light green, silver, and silver colors alongside a new Product(RED) model"

    1) Why is silver listed twice? 2) The (PRODUCT)RED unit _is_ the "cranberry" model

    and, BTW: 3) The charity is "(PRODUCT)RED" - see

  1. BDLatimer 09/05, 08:53pm

    Darn posting system here completely suppresses URLs sometimes...

    The page I was referring to was:

  1. poulh 09/05, 09:13pm

    The best part of the old Nano is it fits in that coin pocket on my jeans. I loved that! This one will have to take up space in my pocket. Leave the video for the bigger iPods Apple and give me back my Nano.

  1. testudo 09/05, 10:04pm

    I bought a refurb nano to use in the car/exercising where the 60 GB model was just getting annoying. The small is the feature. How these can still be called 'nano' is beyond me. THey're more 'mini' sized. (BTW, I use my coin pocket for my cell phone, which fits perfectly, and another reason I'm ignoring the iPhone for the time being).

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