meebo Web-based IM for iPhone users

meebo IM adapts to iPhone

The web-based IM service meebo is now said to be available in a format better suited to the iPhone. The new client handles all IM accounts from a single login screen, and merges contacts into a single buddy list. Active conversations are placed towards the top of this list in a manner similar to an SMS interface, and because meebo is a web-based technology, messages delivered while on the iPhone can be accessed from any computer or handheld with a browser. Aside from unique meebo accounts, the client supports logins for AIM, MSN, Yahoo! and Google Talk.

  1. noahjose 08/17, 03:06am

    That was fun ... but some of you people higher up in the comments have a serious jealousy problem. The lady doth protest too much. The only reason to be so hateful is because you're reacting emotionally, not logically -- and what reason do you have to hate the iPhone? It's a product. Products have pluses and minuses. This product you don't even own yourself. If you can't handle an aggressive sales pitch, do everyone a favor: take a deep breath and calm down.

  1. noahjose 08/17, 03:09am

    The only iPhone story I will be digging.


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