Tenon touts iTools as WebSTAR replacement

Tenon iTools 8.2.4

Tenon has released iTools 8.2.4, an upgrade to its web-based graphical interface for configuring Apache, DNS and FTP connections. The key change is support for the Apache 2.2.4 web server, bringing iTools into line with the latest standard. Some improvements to Apache include improved memory and disk use, file limits beyond 2GB, and enhanced database architecture. The iTools update also carries with it proFTP 1.3, MySQL support extended to DBI and DBD modules, and better support for DNS and Mac OS X Server. Two editions of the program are on sale, one for PowerPC systems and another for Intel machines. Each costs $350.

  1. mactropolis 07/20, 03:42pm

    Whoa... these guys still in business? Haven't herd of them since OS 9 days. Even websites is unchanged 5+ years. Used a fantastic product that brought UNIX to OS 9, but now we're all on a UNIX OS ;)

  1. ronjamin 07/22, 05:00pm

    iTools and Tenon great. I've been using it for several web sites and it has built-in content management, blogging, photo portfolio, PHP and more.

    I have never regretted moving over to iTools from WebStar. WebStar was adequate, but iTools rocks!!!!

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