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iGiki.com iPhone apps

iGiki.com, which announced earlier this month that it would release several games designed for Apple's iPhone around the same time that the device is scheduled for launch, has offered a detailed list of those titles. A total of seven Gikis comprising more than 30 games are each available for 99 days with a $1 donation to the software developer, while six GikiMinis are provided for free by iGiki developers to the iPhone user community. Five GikiPods offers users quick laughs while on-the-go, and are provided as a complimentary addition to the iPhone applications. Gikis currently include "Sink or Swim," "iTrek," "Outer Wars," "Arcade Gikis," "Brain Gikis," "EuroDarts," and the classic Hangman. None of the iGiki games require Flash technology to run, as some are written using AJAX technology while others are exported to QuickTime using FLash track, according to iGiki.


"Sink or Swim" challenges players to save a crew of sailors from certain death by shark attack. Those who don't act quick will see a shark dine on the unfortunate crew left overboard.

"iTrek" uses an innovative control scheme that allows players to maneuver a ship across a planet under the constraints of landscape, fuel, and time.

"Outer Wars" is a 3D game offering a quick round of shooting space ships while navigating through canyons.

"Arcade Gikis" aims to hone arcade-based skills with mini games that include "Baller," "Bust Out," "Elfy," "Foul Fowl," "iEscape," "iHole One," "Space," "Slotz," "Whack," and "XOs."

"Brain Gikis" aim to tax the brain and hone mental processes with mini games consisting of "Cup It," "Dealer," "Face," "FruitFall," "iGeo," "Impossible," "iPeg," "iPoker," "iPuzzle," "iState," "gHangMan," "Magic Guess," "Match It," "Turtle," "Wooly," and "WordWap."

"EuroDarts" offers a classic dart board but includes a human target.

Hangman is a classic word game that challenges players to guess a word before sacrificing a man.


GikiMinis currently include Icer, iTrek Trial, Prison Break, iTouch, Avalanche, and Music Maker.

"Icer" challenges players to destroy a penguin's ice cream bombs before they hit home. "iTrek Trial" is a trial version of the full Giki game listed above. "Prison Break" depicts convicts running wild as players try to bring down the outlaws before they take aim. "iTouch" is a game of speed, endurance, and aptitude that charges players with tapping the center of a target as fast as possible. "Avalanche" forces players to dodge folling cubes by bursting them in colored sets or risk being battered. "Music Maker" enables users to play the drums on an iPhone.


Prison Break



Music Maker


GikiPods consist of "Bobble Heads," "UnCartoons," "Digital Tips," "He Man Food," and "Jokes."

"Bobble Heads" enable users to view photos as well as the history of some of America's "best bobble heads." "UnCartoons" is a collection of cartoon art, and "Digital Tips" offer advice on various topics. "Jokes" promise laughs beyond the "UnCartoons" GikiPod.

Bobble Heads


Digital Tips


Giki.com's games are separated into GikiSingles, GikiPacks, and GikiMinis. iGiki.com has priced the Arcade GikiPack and Brain KikiPack at $2 for three months, which includes GikiPods with the subscription. GikiMinis are free, and the GikiSingles are available for $1 each for three month periods.
  1. ckerins 06/26, 05:25pm

    If you want to see more games, iPhone Widget List has all the other apps and widgets including Suduko, Avalanche, WordBreaker and iTouch.


  1. Cleverboy 06/26, 05:52pm

    One thing seems certain... its not CLEAR if Flash 5 Quicktime support is acceptable on the iPhone. Apple has it disabled by default in Quicktime. With iGiki's Flash based games they're risking whether Apple has removed it entirely from the iPhone Quicktime. Whoops. It's a good bet they haven't, but question being... will Apple allow re-enabling it?

  1. ccrider 06/26, 08:11pm

    so here's my question, whilst we're on the subject of quicktime. Does the iPhone support quicktime? If I send a link to someone with a quicktime movie either embedded in the email or within a webpage, can the iPhone handle it? It's sorta the make or break for me. I NEED to be able to check quicktimes for approval.

    Obviously it plays quicktimes but only when synced through itunes it seems to me.

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