T-Mobile carrying Samsung Stripe phone

T-Mobile adopts the Stripe

T-Mobile has announced it is carrying the Samsung SGH-t329, also known as the Stripe for its two-tone color scheme and its long, white-on-black external display. It's a tri-band GSM model, and generally aimed at a low-cost demographic: there is no broadband or web browsing on the phone, and the internal display runs at 128x160 in 65,000 colors. The phone does however support SMS, EMS and MMS messaging, as well as instant messaging through AIM, ICQ or Yahoo. Bluetooth and a VGA camera are also present. The Stripe is currently available for $150 without a contract, or as little as $50 with a monthly T-Mobile plan.

  1. rdav93 02/16, 02:35am

    First off, let's start with memory. STRIPE: 22MB PEBL: 5MB

    Big Difference!!!

    Okay. Now Battery Life. STRIPE: About 7 hrs. PEBL: About 7hrs.

    No Difference.

    Okay and on to the Camera: STRIPE: VGA 4X Zoom PEBL: VGA 4X Zoom

    Still No Difference.

    The STRIPE does have video recording although some sites do say it doesn't. How do I know? I own a Samsung STRIPE. This phone is great and better than my old PEBL. My old PEBL got fair reception in the same house I live in now, as the STRIPE gets outstanding reception. It comes in as clear as a landline phone. Also, when I had my PEBL, I had 2 HiFi Ringers, 1 Game, and about 15 pictures and everytime I sent or recieved a text, it says: SIM MEMORY FULL. On the STRIPE, I still have about 15.5MB left to use up. I don't have that many files! IT's great. I give this phone a 10/10 and I give the PEBL a 6/10. Oh yea one more thing- everyone always says how the PEBL is free and the STRIPE is $50. Well yes. BUT ONLY IF YOUR SOMEONE WHO IS BRAND NEW TO T-MOBILE. NOT JUST A NEW CONTRACT! A NEW CUSTOMER!

  1. rdav93 02/16, 02:45am


    Memory: The Samsung STRIPE has 22MB of space!!! That is alot saying most phones with these features have only 5MB. That's about 4 1/2 times less than the STRIPE.

    Camera: Very nice camera. Takes clear pictures and zoom works very very good.

    Battery Life: Battery Life- 7hrs of straight talking time. 11 days of leaving phone alone. When I use this phone like a normal person- (LOTS of texting, good amount of phone calls, games, camera, and downloading things), I don't need a charge for a good 4 days!

    Last but not least---


    The only bad thing about the STRIPE is there is no USB port on the phone. You can't connect to PC or MAC.

    Overall this phone is a definite 10/10!

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