LIVE: MacWorld San Francisco 2007 keynote updates

LIVE MWSF 2007 Updates

Electronista will be following news from Steve Jobs' presentation at MacWorld San Francisco, which begins today at 9 AM Pacific (12 PM Eastern). Many expect Apple to preview an updated version of Mac OS X Leopard, new editions of the iLife and iWork suites. Hardware announcements such as the iTV media hub and the heavily-rumored Apple phone. Please click "read more" on this story for updates, but be advised that Electronista and other sites are likely to experience slowdowns under heavy use. Any new announced products should be available through the online Apple Store.

11:48 AM -- The online Apple store is down for updates. The site is expected to return with new products after the keynote.

11:55 AM -- VIPs have been let into the keynote. The general public is still outside.

11:59 AM -- General guests are being let in.

12:08 PM -- People are still taking their seats.

12:12 PM -- Playing James Brown's "I Feel Good," a tribute to the late musician.

12:14 PM -- Steve Jobs walks on stage.

12:16 PM -- Thanking developers for their help in transitioning to Intel.

12:17 PM -- Over half the Macs sold in the US, not just retail stores, are going to switchers.

12:18 PM -- New "Get a Mac" ad for OS X versus Vista.

12:22 PM -- Over 2 billion songs bought through iTunes. 50 million TV show episodes, 1.3 million movies.

12:23 PM -- Paramount joins iTunes for movies - over 250 movies in total (from all studios) now up on the store.

12:25 PM -- New iPod ad, this time with colored silhouettes on a black background holding fifth-generation iPods.

12:26 PM -- New name for iTV! Dubbed simply Apple TV.

12:29 PM -- 720p-capable, 40GB hard drive (50 hours of video), 802.11n, and an Intel processor to drive them. Auto-sync with one PC and stream content from up to 5.

12:31 PM -- Sync your 10 most recent unwatched movies to the iTV. Uses a screensaver based on your own photos. Menu is the same Front Row-like interface from September.

12:33 PM -- Uses the Apple Remote used by other Macs.

12:35 PM -- TV shows have their episode summaries displayed to their left in the browse menus, so you always know what an episode contains.

12:37 PM -- The top-rated iTunes movies and music are listed in their respective categories; during music playback, the Now Playing screen has a flip effect to prevent burn-in and zoom effects when navigating between tracks.

12:38 PM -- Live demo of streaming from Phil Schiller's MacBook to the Apple TV.

12:40 PM -- Content can be password-protected on shared computers. Still $299, works with Macs and PCs. Ships in February with orders starting today.

12:42 PM -- New, "revolutionary" products: a widescreen iPod with touch controls. Also, a mobile phone.

12:44 PM -- The widescreen touch iPod and phone are the same device! It will be called the iPhone.

12:47 PM -- Designed to be much easier to use than smartphones, which are normally complicated. Instead of having a different UI on each phone for an app, the touchscreen changes its UI for the app itself.

12:49 PM -- Supports multi-touch (more than one finger) for more advanced control.

12:51 PM -- The iPhone runs Mac OS X, since it already handles much of what Apple needs: power, sync, networking, and "desktop-class" apps.

12:52 PM -- Syncs through a dock to a Mac or PC using iTunes. Syncs include mail, contacts, bookmarks, notes, and media. 8GB capacity.

12:54 PM -- 3.5-inch, 160 pixels-per-inch screen. 11.6mm (0.45 inches) thick, with only a Home button integrated with the microphone. 2-megapixel camera on the back. Headset jack, SIM card tray, and hold switch. Dock connector.

12:58 PM -- Proximity sensor to disable the touchscreen. Light sensor to brighten or dim the screen. Accelerometer that recognizes portrait versus landscape mode. Shows Cingular logo on the phone - exclusive US carrier?

1:00 PM -- Cover Flow navigation for finding albums faster just by scrolling with one's finger, as with a laptop.

1:01 PM -- Automatically recognizes widescreen versus standard ratio video - demos "Pirates of the Caribbean 2" as an example.

1:03 PM -- Jobs claims that people will be stunned, and that even "jaded" Apple employees are excited about it.

1:05 PM -- Visual voicemail: listen to exactly the message you want rather than going through in order. Phone supports quad-band GSM as well as EDGE broadband, Bluetooth.

1:07 PM -- Only thing needed to dial a contact is to touch their number. On-screen keypad for manual dialing.

1:09 PM -- Touching more than one contact's button starts a conference call. Demo with Phil Schiller and Jonathan Ive (who rarely appears at MacWorld presentations). Make a list of favorites from contacts that you can dial by touching the contact itself.

1:13 PM -- Multple-session SMS messaging with onscreen keyboard for typing; letters fly up to face you as you type, so you know what has been written.

1:15 PM -- Photos auto-adjust display ratio depending on how you hold the phone. Use a "pinch" motion to enlarge or shrink photos. Photos can easily become wallpaper.

1:17 PM -- E-mail is "rich" and displays proper HTML. Safari is your web browser. Supports widgets. Connects to the Internet through either Wi-Fi or the previously-mentioned EDGE and automatically hands over the connection to one or the other depending on signal.

1:19 PM -- All iPhone customers get a free IMAP-based Yahoo mail account with "push" support (i.e. real-time downloads as mail arrives).

1:21 PM -- In the e-mail program (which looks like Mail), tapping a user's name calls the person via the phone. Mail can be seen in full-screen or a preview mode.

1:25 PM -- Safari works in landscape or portrait mode and can be resized through pinch motions; NY Times displays completely on the phone display. Multiple pages can be accessed at once. Cover Flow-style method of changing web pages.

1:27 PM -- Widgets look just like Dashboard widgets: demo of stocks, weather. Google Maps automatically knows where you are and will let you call businesses you find on the phone.

1:31 PM -- "A revolution of the first order," Jobs says. Introduces Google's Eric Schmidt on stage.

1:35 PM -- Eric walks offstage. Yahoo Go search functions are on the iPhone.

1:38 PM -- Demo scenario merging Internet communication, iPod-style music, and phone calling.

1:40 PM -- Jobs sends a photo to Schiller through e-mail while still on the phone, just as with iPhoto.

1:43 PM -- Accessories for the phone include a Bluetooth earbud set with mic switch. 5 hours of battery life on the phone for calls, 16 hours for music only.

1:47 PM -- Question of price comes up. An iPod and a phone would be expensive bought separately. Prices: 4GB for $499. 8GB for $599.

1:48 PM -- Available in June. Europe by the fourth quarter of this year, Asia in 2008. Points to FCC and other certification processes as a reason for the delay.

1:50 PM -- Cingular is the US carrier, but customers can buy the phone in Apple or Cingular stores. Stan Sigman of Cingular takes the stage and shows an ad for the company.

1:55 PM -- Steve returns to the stage; trouble with the clicker causes a delay.

1:59 PM -- Jobs points to 2006 figures showing over 957 million cellphones sold worldwide. Gaining 1% of that share would equate to 10 million phones. Apple to be known as Apple, Inc., not Apple Computer.

2:01 PM -- Gretzky quote: "go where the puck is going to be, not where it has been." Standing ovation and a thank you to developers.

2:02 PM -- John Mayer performs.

2:05 PM -- Keynote may be over. Apple Store may go back online soon.

2:10 PM -- Jobs is back on stage, ends keynote.

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