Miglia debuts Diva 2.1 speaker system

Diva 2.1 speaker system

Miglia today announced Diva 2.1, a stylish, contemporary-looking set of ultra-compact speakers. The solution uses two satellite speakers (1.5-inch drivers) and a subwoofer (2-inch driver) that ensures music has a powerful bass and spoken word is delivered in rich, deep tones, according to the company. The subwoofer is encased in an unique aluminium tube for a stylish look. Diva 2.1 allows users to playback music with a warm, clear sound and reproduces high sound quality from any source through a standard 3.5mm speaker jack. Each speaker features 3 watts of power and the subwoofer delivers 6 watts for a total of 12 watts RMS; the speakers offer a frequency response of between 38Hz and 20KHz. Diva 2.1 is available now for $100 and comes with a two-year warranty. It can be connected to any iPod, PC or Mac.