Apple axes AppleCentre brand

Apple axes AppleCentre

Apple is phasing out the AppleCentre brand in Australia, and is asking partners to re-apply for their certifications. AppleCentre partners have until January 31st of 2007 to create their own branding and remove all references to AppleCentre, according to iTnews. The move to rebrand comes alongside the recently-announced "Apple Premium Reseller Program," which will offer marketing incentives as well as training to participants. Apple hopes the rebranding effort will improve the customer experience, and promised not to short-change reseller partners as part of the effort. Apple said it will authorize accreditation to partners that fail to meet the criteria or decide not to apply for Apple Premium Reseller certification.

  1. Jordan 08/01, 05:32pm

    Could this mean that we will be getting Apple Stores soon? I certainly hope so. Having been in the UK, Japan and the US, the service levels here are no where near as good as you get in the Apple owned stores...

  1. SolarMedia 08/01, 05:38pm

    Easy way for Apple to force resellers to re-up, knowing that this signals Apple's intent to go head-to-head with them with Apple's own retail chain. They may not be shortchanged immediately, but an easy way for Apple to get others to do its work and then come in and poach it.

  1. Skeptik 08/01, 07:06pm

    One or two Apple Centres here in Cape Town provide very poor service, particularly Project 3 in Claremont, which is reluctant to service an Apple if you didn't buy it from them. I hope this change happens here and the bad Apple dealers are excluded.

  1. smoking_gun 08/01, 11:17pm

    For the last two years Apple Australia has come into its own, we have moved out of the "Other" group on the pie chart and now are identified as "Australia". So for those in Apple US, they see Australia and will say... Apple Channel, what is that?? Why does Apple Australia allow the Apple brand to be advertised by third parties...??

    Goodbye AppleCentre's

    If you notice a lot of these businesses will be advertising their own brands, i.e. NextByte, Computers Now, etc.... This has been a strategic move so that when they loose the "AppleCentre" brand their identity will not be lost.

    This writing has been on the wall for a while.

  1. madamov 08/02, 05:29am

    According to Spanish site MacAcuarium ( and French MacGeneration ( this already happened in Europe.

    Even here in Serbia one dealer is ordered to change the name of the company (they had word AppleCenter in the name, eventhough they are just Apple Authorized dealer as other three dealers in Serbia). However, I really doubt I would see AppleStore in Belgrade during my lifetime. B)

  1. Mediaman_12 08/02, 07:38am

    These guys don't seam to have been told. With AppleCentre Warrington, and Liverpool Still going strong. and there's still an Applecentre page on the Uk Apple site

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