DMC unveils iPod nano competitor

DMC Nano competitor

Digital Mind today unveiled its new line of portable media players featuring complete podcast capabilities and software, which stand to compete with Apple's iPod. DMC is offering its credit card-sized iPod nano-like player with 4GB of storage, a color display, photo viewing capability, recordable FM radio, and voice recording capability in either black or white. The device is priced at $130, and is "half the price of the inferior iPod nano," according to Jim Collier, DMC's president and CEO. "Our other podcast-enabled portable media players start at less than $50. [...] All of our products are podcast-enabled and are bundled with Applian Technologies Replay Radio software so that our customers can experience the rapidly evolving world of podcasting seamlessly."

  1. Elektrix 07/25, 05:06pm

    Didn't expect it from the news story, but the actual site is pretty heavy on the idea of using this thing to listen to audio Bibles (specifically for Christians, as well). They seem to only mention the uses Christians would have for this player...

  1. Elektrix 07/25, 05:10pm

    According to the store, this thing is .67 inches thick (no wonder they don't show any side profile views of this). The iPod nano is 0.27 inches thick, and even the 5G iPod is .4 inches thick. Comparing this player to the Nano seems like a joke.

  1. dpaanlka 07/25, 05:44pm

    of course another pathetic rip-off. copying the general layout, but replacing the fit and finish for crappy plastic buttons and chunkier build..

    yeah, this is really going to be a nano killer

  1. TheBum 07/25, 05:50pm

    I'd definitely use the "inferior" word, only I'd apply it to the DMC device's interface. My hands and wrists hurt when I think about trying to navigate through thousands of songs with those buttons.

  1. jdonahoe 07/25, 05:59pm

    the 30 GB Video Ipod weighs 5 ounces.

    I think that website link is a separate group. This one had more spec info:

  1. ZinkDifferent 07/25, 09:27pm

    What does 'podcast enabled' mean? They say this word a lot, but I don't think they know what it means.

    It can play AAC podcasts, or H.264 vidcasts? I didn't think so.

  1. srswart 07/26, 12:02am

    DMC's return policy is pretty restrictive.

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