Vista installs, boots on Intel Macs

Vista boots on Intel Mac

An avid Mac user has managed to install and boot Windows Vista an on Intel Mac, according to report on the OSx86 Project website. The site says that despite Apple's beta release of its Boot Camp software and several previous successful attempts at getting the installer to work, actually making Vista run on an Intel Mac has still proven to be quite a challenge. The user has taken screenshots of his success, but says he had to delete the Mac OS X partition to get Vista running. The OSx86 Project, which says it is a good start and congratulated the user in a blog post, earlier this year was served a DMCA notice by Apple and forced to shut down its user forums after it posted content that listed steps to install Mac OS X for Intel on non-Mac hardware.

  1. Albert 04/10, 02:33pm

    and these types have nothing better to do than this.

    here talk to my son anthony...

  1. technohedz 04/10, 04:25pm

    It only makes sense to get vista running on mac hardware as soon as possible. Sure, it won't come out for a long time. What happens when you get leopard w/ only XP support and vista comes out a few months/years later? There are two benefits that should come from using intel hardware: 1) The ability to boot any native os 2) The ability to run any native os in a virtualized environment

    Questioning on 'why' just makes people look like zealots. Short answers would be : because we can, because we need to, because it helps us get a mac instead of something else.

  1. GodsiPod 04/10, 04:44pm

    What's with the ultra short subject line MacNN??

    See a video here I shot of XP booting in 10 seconds on my MacBook Pro.

  1. sagaces 04/10, 09:49pm

    Recently MacNN started underlining what I'm going to dub fake links which when clicked on produce a mini popup ad instead of a link to an article. I find these annoying as all get-out to the point where MacNN is ceasing to be the first of the Macintosh sites I visit.

  1. testudo 04/11, 11:50am

    Yeah, they are annoying, but easy to get rid of. Highlight one of the links and click the question mark on the top right corner. Scroll down on the new page and there's a link to deactivate the feature.

    Note that you need to allow cookies from (or something like that).

  1. macs4all 04/11, 02:25pm

    ...that it took DELETING OS X to install Vista?

    Wonder what secret DLL ensures THAT?

    Before you tell me to adjust my tinfoil hat(tm), remember that M$ is an Apple Developer, and thus is perfectly capable of knowing what to check for, to see if Vista is being installed on a Mac. Why they would CARE, is another story entirely.


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