Is Apple planning an OS switch?

Apple to switch OS?

A professor at Rutgers University thinks Apple may be setting up to switch to the Windows OS. John Dvorak of PC Magazine writes that professor of psychology Yakov Epstein has noticed a few "coincidences" that point to Apple moving towards the Windows OS. Epstein's observations include the fact that the Apple Switch campaign is over, and "nobody switched;" the lack of FireWire connectors for new iPods as the PC world is the new "target audience;" very few consumers have switched to Macs after being more exposed to Apple products via the iPod; and the switch to the Intel-based microprocessor. Dvorak points to the fact that Apple has reacted strongly to Macintosh gossip sites, saying it is Apple's way of attempting to stem future rumors about product development.

The list of coincidences continues, with Dvorak noting an onscreen appearance by Bill Gates "during Apple's turnaround when Jobs was taking a pot of money from Microsoft," a comment by a Microsoft spokesperson at the Macworld Expo indicating that Microsoft Office would conitnue to be developed for the Mac for "five years" ("What happens after that?" asks Dvorak.)

"This switch to Windows may have originally been planned for this year and may partly explain why Adobe and other high-end apps were not ported to the Apple x86 platform when it was announced in January. At Macworld, most observers said that these new Macs could indeed run Windows now."

Dvorak says that a switch to Windows would make more financial sense for Apple, as it could allow Microsoft to do most of the work, put Apple in the mainstream to compete directly with Dell and HP, and with a little tweaking Apple could retain its GUI and perhaps even improve the OS. "Now with the cash cow iPod line, it can afford to drop expensive OS development and just make jazzy, high-margin Windows computers to finally get beyond that five-percent market share."

The main problem, according to Dvorak, would be appeasing the angry Mac lovers, whom he suspects Steve Jobs would be able to sooth with reminders that any program at all could run on a Windows-Mac, giving users the "best of both worlds."

  1. Spacemoose 02/16, 12:39pm

    Professor of Pulled-from-asshology?

  1. t_hah 02/16, 12:39pm

    I cannot wait to switch to windows. What is this guy smoking?

  1. thoughtcrime 02/16, 12:41pm

    The switch to Intel? Unexpected, yes, but it was plausible. Switching to Windows? f*** no.

  1. chadpengar 02/16, 12:41pm

    Biggest crock of dog doo I have read in a while. This makes no sense for Apple. There is no money to be made in a Windows world -- look at Dell, HP , etc killing themselves as they dive for the bottom of the bucket. OS X is what makes Apple, Apple. Abandon that and nobody gives a care any more. People don't buy Macs because of the pretty HW. That helps, but is not the prime reason. People buy Macs for the SW and the SW/HW integration.

  1. ryanjo 02/16, 12:43pm

    Classic Dvorak story: all heat and no light. I mean, how many times does this guy have to be wrong before the PC press stops printing his drivel?

  1. beb 02/16, 12:45pm

    I think Apple may implement some sort of easier porting software for Windows software developers.

  1. Ganesha 02/16, 12:46pm

    The new macs CAN'T run windows.

  1. tomzzz 02/16, 12:47pm

    this is hilarious! come on guys, get yourselves together and stop making me laugh. seriously. switching to Windows... what's next for Dvorak? Apple selling the iPod division to Microsoft ? Be serious.

  1. mawsdz 02/16, 12:47pm

    That is whacked, unless Steve Jobs dies in the next month and someone else takes over Apple. Seems like being a professor of Psychology would help this guy realize that Steve is all about being the best in world, I doubt he's about to disconnect that and give the reigns over to an inferior product, even if does generate more money. I think Steve loves beauty more than he does market share, isn't that obvious?

  1. Mr. Strat 02/16, 12:49pm

    So another pundit blows smoke out of their a**. Who gives a s***? How the h*** do these people get jobs writing about things they know nothing about?

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