Lugz sends cease-and-desist over iTunes spot

Lugz takes on Apple

Lugz footwear has between the commercial "Arrow," which it aired in 2002 and Apple's latest commercial spot with Eminem, which was launched last month in conjunction with the new video iPod. According to AdWeek, both television ads feature urban images on a red, yellow and orange background, with black silhouettes and a hip-hop soundtrack.

  1. cebritt 11/04, 07:57pm

    ...problem, not Apple's. At least Lugz isn't asking for money...yet...

  1. lazarus001 11/04, 08:14pm


  1. jwdsail 11/04, 08:31pm

    What the h*** is/are Lugs?

    And if I have no idea, how great was their ad?

    Not trolling, honestly, um, who the h*** are these people?

  1. suhail 11/04, 09:53pm

    they don't look "…disturbingly similar"

  1. gjas18 11/04, 11:39pm

    Who even remembers lugs commercials? They were almost 4 YEARS ago! Just another company sueing to exploit another companies success.

    If I remember correctly the last lugs ads I ever saw were those stupid teens flying around in giant shoes. Seems to me that they already moved past the "paint campaign."

  1. darkelf 11/05, 01:13am

    dear gawds, NO! if even the PURE and FERTILE field of ADVERTISING has become overrun with cheap, derivative knock-offs, WHAT WILL BECOME OF AMERICA?!?!

  1. davidahn 11/05, 02:08am

    Maybe not "disturbingly" similar, there's more than a passing resemblence. I've never considered buying a pair of Lugz, and I'm even less inclined to now. That said...

    Steve Jobs had it comin' with all the freaking cease and desist letters THEIR legal department has sent to Mac rumors sites.


  1. reemas 11/05, 02:43am

    apple gets a taste of their own medicine

  1. wanderlust 11/05, 03:28am

    I hate to say it, but as absolutely moronic as this litigation is, Apple has not been on the brite track by keeping its smarmy lawyers busy hunting down anything with the name ipod in it (down to little Joey's web site called ""), rumor sites, etc. Dumb dumb dumb dumb. Freakin' play nice in the freakin' sandbox you bunch of losers. More than anything, you're making yourselves look callow and combative to all of us on-looking provisionary customers. Who the freakin' cares what the h*** your stupid ads look like. Idiots both.

  1. jpellino 11/05, 07:52am

    if they decide to seek damages, in any such case the central question is "how were you harmed?". can't see this hurting them, as bruised as their egos are.

    as for brand confusion, considering they haven't run the lugz ad in 3 years, what's the possibility here - that someone's going to watch an ipod commercial and run out and buy boots instead?

    and unless this ad ran at 3 am on mtv and bet, chiat/day probably knew about it and are smart enough to know they're ok on it...

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