Briefly: iPod boosts Apple numbers... Bush\'s iPod...

President Bush\'s iPod

In brief: Apple is now shipping more than in Monterey, CA, May 2-6 with a special session on scripting XML in InDesign CS2 by Olav Martin Kvern of Adobe Systems.

  1. testudo 04/11, 10:06am

    Bush has gone liberal, using a device from a company with Al Gore as a board member! Although maybe, as MS would have you believe, its the perfect republican device. Because all those Napster/Dell/MS devices and music stores promote a 'pro-choice' philosophy.

    And did anyone expect his iPod to be filled with Shania Twain garbage and heavy metal from the 80s? ["Yeah, Iron Maiden rulez!", President Bush was quoted.]

  1. DeepDish 04/11, 11:14am

    My daughters love Shania. Van's Brown Eye Girl has always been one of my favorites.

    As for Bush, being his age and doing 18 miles with a heart rate in the 160s+, I am impressed. Kerry also keeps in good physical shape.

    Me, I would die if I did what Bush or Kerry does. Politics aside, those guys have high stress jobs and stree ages you fast. Clinton, on the other had, jogged to McDonalds.

  1. mgpalma 04/11, 11:45am

    He's got a long way to go to fill that iPod! It's amazing to me how the iPod has become such an ordinary part of life today. I can't believe the number of people (both Mac & Windows users) who own them, and even people who don't but use them in conversation. There are iPod knock-offs and wannabe's but they don't have the iconic status or 'cool factor' that this little box made by Apple seems to have.

  1. LordJohnWhorfin 04/11, 12:00pm

    Anybody noticed the scene in Desperate Housewives last night, when Gabrielle and her lover meet in the street while jogging? He's wearing an iPod with armband, she's holding a silver iPod mini in her hand.

  1. DeepDish 04/11, 12:50pm

    My wife and I did. I own one like he had and my wife owns a pink mini. We got a kick out of it.

  1. ericwass 04/11, 12:52pm

    Ok, sad, but true: I noticed the iPods on desperate housewives. Meanwhile, how friggin' hot is Eva Longoria?

    As for Bush, well, I guess I hope he cranks his iPod volume up next time Cheney, Wolfowitz and Pearle start bending his ear about the next country we need to invade.

  1. ebby410 04/11, 01:27pm

    I wonder if his playlist includes "Sympathy For The Devil"?

  1. 83caddy16v 04/11, 01:42pm

    I saw that too.

    I also noticed on Showtime's "The L Word", that the one character was using a new 15" Powerbook while sitting in bed; a good 10 sec shot of the aluminum back with the glowing white apple.

  1. DeepDish 04/11, 03:49pm

    Damm Extremem Make Over and Survivor are always covering the laptop logos. Pony up the buck Apple if you want your logo shown.

  1. testudo 04/11, 05:23pm

    Proud to say I missed that, mainly because I don't watch that stuff. Tried watching the first 6 episodes or so, but the only thing that interested me was why that woman killed herself, and what was in the box. I missed an episode, and then completely lost caring (I think it lost me when some woman hauled some unconcious guy in a wheelborrow and dumped him into a woman's flowerbed, just to ruin her flowers. hillarious.)

    It just didn't seem to be anything different than what I'd seen in a dozen other TV shows over the years.

    Then again, I can't believe 83caddy16y admitted he gets Showtime. I got three free months of that from DirecTV, and I think there was a dozen things (at most) that I watched, and half of those were "Well, I never heard of this movie, but how bad could it be? Its on Showtime!" only to find out. Showtime/Starz/HBO/Cinemax all seem to have the same motto: "Come see the movies you missed in the theaters (because they lasted only two days, or never quite made it to the theaters)."

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