Lenovo contract keeps IBM from desktop PC business

Apple-IBM rumors quelched

IBM to Lenovo. CNET News.com reports that the contract posted by Lenovo prevents IBM or its subsidiaries from competing in the PC business, directly or indirectly, for five years. "Meanwhile, page 36 defines a "personal computer" as "any self-contained, programmable general-purpose computing device in a desktop, mobile or tablet platform." In other words, no matter what the chip or OS, IBM can't do it. But a bit of wiggle room remains for conspiracy theorists: servers and workstations designed for high-end applications and compact mobile devices. Interpret that as you will."

  1. dlindsay17 12/08, 08:52pm

    Can someone please spell out exactly what this might mean? It has been a long day and my brain is pretty fried.

  1. MacnTX 12/08, 08:56pm

    The rumors of IBM buying Apple were lame and baseless in the first place anyway.

  1. bluejam 12/09, 06:38am

    No they weren't. These types of "mergers" are happening all the time. Apple is a public company. Anything can happen.

  1. wmiro 12/09, 08:19am

    What about Apple G5 chip production? "In other words, no matter what the chip or OS, IBM can't do it". Or am I being to literal in my interpretation of that quote?
    Quick, where's a good lawyer when you need one!

  1. phillymjs 12/09, 10:40am

    I work for a reseller, and you have no idea how hard Apple is encouraging us to pimp the Xserve and Xserve RAID units (actually, there's a small seminar going on in my office as I write this). Unfortunately, not many of our clients are large enough to really have need for the stuff.

    I'd say if there's anything at all to these Apple-IBM partnership rumors, IBM will do something to help Apple out in the enterprise-- maybe start offering some of their e-business stuff running on Apple hardware and OS X Server.

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