MAMP easily installs Apache, MySQL, PHP on Mac OS X

Apache, MySQL, PHP install

webEdition Software has released , an open-source tool enabling Mac OS X users to install Apache server, MySQL and PHP easily. The MAMP, a compilation of Apache, MySQL, PHP, Turck MMCache and PHPMyAdmin for Mac OS X, was specially designed for Mac enthusiasts to simplify the "cumbersome installation process--one that involved modifying the configuration files, terminal windows and other operations.... Now Mac users can download the MAMP, and with just a few clicks, install the software bundle in a folder...The MAMP will not interfere with a user's system configuration, nor will an existing installation of Apache/MySQL be affected by the MAMP: both systems can run in parallel. The MAMP can be conveniently uninstalled simply by deleting the MAMP folder."

  1. Gepard 10/13, 06:42pm

    Why would you need to install another copy of all these apps if your Mac comes with it already?

  1. thoughton 10/14, 08:59am

    ... out of the software mentioned only Apache comes pre-installed.

  1. dwishbone 10/14, 10:33am

    the version of apache that comes with panther is extremely out dated.

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