San Antonio school district to take back 950 iBooks?

A step backwards?

A San Antonio school district today is voting to , after it signed a $2.2 million 4-year contract with Apple last December that offered laptops for the high school's teachers and students, training for staff, and supporting equipment such as printers and projectors. Three of the Board members who voted for the initiative no longer on the Board, and one of the Board members who voted against it, is now vice president of the school board, although district officials, including the Superintendent, haven't been told why.

  1. Authorized Apple Tech 06/08, 08:53am

    Bunch of Mac haters

  1. denim 06/08, 08:55am

    What else do you need to know?? Mark Twain said it: First, God made idiots. That was for practise. Then he made school boards.

  1. macdude22 06/08, 09:07am

    School boards are typicaly random(to an extent, still elected) people from the community. They typically don't have much or any educational experience. I know, I've worked in the K-12 market for some time now, time and time again the school board makes decisions that hurt the students greatly. Parents don't do anything about it because usually many of them are freinds with the board members which is how they got there in the first place. There has grown a lack of caring in the school systems these days, and I chalk it up to apathetic parents who care little about things designed to make students grow beyond the things they learn in the school books. At least thats how it works in the schools in my area.

  1. jimothy 06/08, 09:28am

    If the school boards wants iBooks that badly, let them buy their own! Don't take them from the students!

  1. Sydney Tsai 06/08, 09:29am

    They prefers reinstall windows everyday or hours. and data loss every worm...
    Remember kids, your homework are spied... :D

  1. skipwiley 06/08, 09:32am

    I would not be surprised if Dell didn't make contributions to those board member's bank accounts, School Boards are never scrutinized as much as they should be for making discussions like this. It is rare to see a School Board member do anything that doesn't personally gain them politically or financially. I think I'll go outside and tear out all my flowers and plant weeds instead.

  1. koolkid1976 06/08, 09:35am

    I wonder what it will cost them to break a 4 year contract over 6 months into it. His job will last less than six months when he brings the PC in and virus renders them useless.

  1. scottrussell 06/08, 09:51am

    Very funny, jimothy! I feel the same way.

  1. medmuse 06/08, 09:56am

    Follow the money.

  1. dave a 06/08, 10:13am

    ABSOLUTELY AGREED. Even in small charter schools, the money accounts for a surprising number of decisions. Corruption is endemic and the government seems un-inclined to do anything about it. The high point was probably in the last century...remember how FDR made his name.

    What we could REALLY use is an FBI that, instead of going after political and environmental groups with their spies and dirty tricks, really, really focused on organized crime AND local crime in municipalities and school boards. It doesn't take 100% coverage to stamp it out - just the threat will prevent a lot of it. Look at the IRS - they do hardly any audits, relatively speaking, yet most people don't cheat because the threat IS there. (Lots of people don't cheat because they're honest, true.)

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