GCN: iBook G4 review, A- rating

iBook G4 review

Government Computer News has published a largely positive . "The iBook has been a solid performer at a variety of tasks [...] For ordinary e-mail and word processing, the computer felt as fast as any Microsoft Windows notebook I've used. PhotoStudio image-editing software ... did tax the iBook's 133-MHz system bus and processor, however. [...] The full-sized keyboard has a solid key-throw, although the keys rattle a bit. [...] Apple's slot-loading optical drive is an elegant touch, as is the amazingly small and light--and also snow-white--power brick. [...] Apple's touch pad is the most perfectly responsive I've ever used on a notebook." GCN gave the iBook an "A-" rating.

  1. abrody 05/24, 09:10pm

    This review by the way is for last year's iBook G4. Newer, faster, and cheaper G4s came out a month ago! By the way, the link on the article needs to be edited. It shows http://www.macnn.com/ instead of http://gcn.com/etc...

  1. abrody 05/24, 09:11pm


  1. Voch 05/24, 10:22pm

    I thought the iBook G4 was 802.11 *G*... Other than that, a pretty good assessment on a machine that has since been speed bumped...


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