Tech: Dell No. 1; Britain anti-spam; RealNetworks...

Tech: Dell No. 1 ...

Afternoon tech news: Dell is back as the and longtime adversary Microsoft Corp. gears up to launch an online music store later this year.

  1. abnyc 04/16, 03:52pm

    sounds like the squeeze play is on. GET READY.

  1. trevc 04/16, 04:25pm

    Even if it is the best, it doesn't matter. Unfortunately Microsoft has that much clout.

    Doom and gloom, doom and gloom.

  1. beeble 04/16, 06:14pm

    because I seriously doubt it'll be compatible with the number one music player on the market. MS will have to create a player that can match the iPod or better it. We've all seen Dell's pathetic sanding block/paper weight player. They even copied the iPod interface but it still isn't selling.

    iTMS is a huge success because of the iPod. The iPod is a huge success because of iTMS. It's like a huge fireball. And as long as Apple keep adding fuel to the fire with new features periodically it will continue to burn at Sun (celestial body not the IT company) like temperatures.

    Believe it or not, that's even hotter than Intel temperatures!

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