No deal for RealNetworks

No deal for RealNetworks

Apple has reportedly regarding the iTunes Music Store. Last year, Rio Audio approached Apple to open the store so that other hardware players would be compatible with its Fairplay AAC files. Apple turned that offer down. "We can do nothing," a Rio Audio vice president said.

  1. Faizon318 04/16, 10:39am


    We dont play well with others

    Have it our way

    The highway

  1. mbryda 04/16, 10:45am

    I can see Apple not wanting to open up to Rio - they make competing players.

    But, Real is willing to make the iPod the only player for its store. That will lead to more iPod sales for Apple and more profits.

    If I were a shareholder (sold my shares), I'd be voting the whole board off in the upcoming election. This is just stupid - sell the iPod to whoever wants it. Open up FairPlay to Real so they can sell compatible songs.
    Win win for everyone - put your ego aside for the good of the company.

  1. milhouse 04/16, 10:47am

    an A-hole. A rather large, gaping, raw one.
    This is, IMO, incredibly foolish.
    This kind of behavior does not bode well for increasing the mindshare or marketshare of Apple computers (aside from the possible exception of the iPod).

    I guess he's truly happy with dwindling 2.5% marketshare. I hope the shareholders are enthralled as well once M$ teams with Real for their online music venture.

  1. van rijn 04/16, 10:49am

    stevie is stickin it their a**.

    kind of stupid with real

  1. fleveneur 04/16, 10:50am

    For years, companie CEOs, analysts, and some have critized Apple from A to Z. Even Glazer Real Network.
    Now that Apple has 75% of the market in the MP3 player and Online Music store they are paying attention and they want to come on board.

    I would feel kind like Steve J feels. You guys did not believed in us, you guys critized us, well too bad.

    Apple is growing. They are opening stores while gateway is closing them, they can not keep up with Mini iPod while Dell lowered his MP3 price, (they still don't get it. Dell, your MP3 player is uggly), and now people are begging to join Apple.
    Apple adopted the AAC standard. Real, just do the same.

    I've been suporting Apple since beginning. It feels good to see them being back. And it's just the beginning.

  1. paulc 04/16, 10:55am

    like the adamant refusal to license the Mac OS years and years ago. History has judged that was one of the key generators of the m$ "monopoly without consequences" for the evil ones. And that has taken Apple from 12-15% marketshare to 1.x.

    Ignorant of history, while they do have a sizeable lead, like they had a sizeable share, guess what happens when you try your best to repeat the same mistake you made years ago?

    There is NO freaking downside to letting Real sell music that can ONLY be used on iPods. None whatsoever. It could ONLY help sell Pods AND help them maintain their lead in the market.

    Instead it's turning on Jubs monstrous ego. Pure and simple. DUMB, DUMB, DUMB.

  1. legacyb4 04/16, 10:55am

    That attitude is precisely what is causing headaches for OS X's Safari users... if you aren't using Explorer, tough luck.

    I love my iPod and don't need Real content, but is it smart to publicly taunt your competitors in such a fashion?

  1. paulc 04/16, 11:01am

    Uh, I'm was commenting on Real licensing the code... NOT other hardware makers. Licensing FairPlay to other hardware makers would NOT be that bright of an idea.

  1. JeffHarris 04/16, 11:01am

    Seriously, could it, would it really hurt Apple in any way if they licensed AAC to other providers. They could most likely get advertising space and links to the Apple Store and even the iTMS in exchange.

    This could potentially expand the reach of QuickTime as well.

    So, would it REALLY hurt in the LONG run? Is Apple thinking SHORT term here? Is this 1986 all over again?

  1. shawnce 04/16, 11:09am

    Apple doesn't need to sell more iPods nor do they need to give a lift to a competitor in the music store and player space (quicktime competitor).

    Additionally Apple cares about user experience far more then most companies and they do not believe in the quality of experience one would get at the Real store... related to this is support. If something goes wrong Apple will likely field more calls that are related to Real's problems not Apples.

    Also if you look at the leaked email Real tried to scare / threaten Apple into this, s**** that.

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