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Daily Deals: HP Officejet Pro printer, Lumix DMC-TS30, 128GB iPad Air

09/04, 3:18pm

Online deal highlights for September 4, 2015

Welcome to Daily Deals, the post where the staff of MacNN searches online retailers for offers, bundles, sales, and discounts on hardware, software, games, and gadgets for you, the discerning reader. The new deals joining the still-alive deals on the list include a HP all-in-one Officejet Pro printer for $150, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS30 16.1MP digital camera for $100, and a 128GB iPad Air for Sprint at $430.

BlackBerry pays $425M in cash to acquire Good Technology

09/04, 1:48pm

Acquisition helps BlackBerry bolster cross-platform enterprise services

BlackBerry has attempted to bolster its enterprise services, by acquiring a competitor in the mobile security business. Good Technology is being bought by the mobile phone producer for $425 million in cash, with the purchase expected to help Blackberry shore up its own enterprise messaging and security platform by using Good's knowledge of iOS, Windows, and Android management and applications security.

ComScore: 44M trying Apple Music in US, iOS still gaining share

09/04, 12:25pm

Music app rises to 14th place in top smartphone apps, Maps in 11th place

New analytics data from ComScore has good news for Apple on two fronts: the research firm believes far more users in the US are giving Apple Music a tryout than has been previously reported, and that even in the quarter before the expected new model rollout, Apple's iPhone 6 line is still gaining share in the US, now largely taking it from drops in chief rival and Android flagship company Samsung rather than from smaller rivals as it had previously.

Briefly: working Apple I auction, Brussels store opening September 19

09/04, 11:49am

Bonhams to auction early working model, expects $500,000 or more

Bonhams in New York City will auction another rare, fully-working Apple I computer said to be in "fantastic" condition in October, said to be one of the first 50 hand-constructed by Steve Wozniak and one of only six or seven units known to still be functioning. A number of the few remaining working units have been turned over at auction in recent years: Bonhams is expecting to fetch $500,000 or more for this latest unit, but others have sold for much more.

Upgraded Philips Hue Bridge with HomeKit support leaked by retailer

09/04, 11:15am

Online store mistakenly reveals HomeKit-equipped Hue Bridge

Philips is adding more connectivity to its Hue lighting system, by introducing a device that connects the smart devices to Apple's HomeKit platform. Leaked via Dutch retailer Lampen before being removed from, the updated Hue Bridge with HomeKit support will apparently cost €60 ($66) when it ships and could replace the existing Hue Bridge entirely, as Philips attempts to make its lighting platform more useful in smart homes.

Hands On: Vent Luxe iPhone car mount

09/04, 10:20am

Clever little car mount for iPhones

Not everyone likes having their car windscreen blocked by a big iPhone 6 Plus and in many states they can like it all they want, they're still not allowed to do it. Plus, we don't all have cars, some of us hire one only when we need it. For each of us, a full-blown car mount for our iPhones is overkill and instead the Vent Luxe is a contender. It's an iPhone car mount that you wedge onto the slats of your air conditioning vents.

MacNN Deals: Record videos from high in the sky with these drones

09/04, 9:55am

Trio of camera-equipped quadcopters on offer from MacNN Deals

Every day, alongside our regular Daily Deals post, we are showcasing some of the offers available on our own MacNN Deals store. Today's items are a trio of drones, with all three quadcopters allowing you to fly around, perform acrobatic airborne maneuvers, and record footage from a viewpoint high in the sky, all without breaking the bank.

Hands On: Colorburn 1.3 (iOS)

09/04, 9:27am

Slick app features the most photography filters we've seen yet

If you've owned an iPhone for longer than about 20 minutes, chances are you're already aware of the vast amount of photography filter apps on the App Store. And, if you've taken a look at them, most of them offer the same thing: a couple dozen filters that are all remarkably the same. Occasionally you'll find one that stands out from the rest, but for the most part they're pretty much the same filters wrapped in a different UI. If you're tired of digging for a good filter app, we're going show you a filter app that goes above and beyond, and does it with style. Allow us to introduce you to Colorburn.

Google Chrome 45 improvements reduce memory usage by tabs

09/04, 8:59am

Fewer resources used in latest Chrome browser release

The latest release of the Chrome web browser has introduced a number of measures to make it faster and less resource-hungry earlier than anticipated. Version 45 of the browser for desktops now incorporates a number of features that can minimize the amount of memory the software uses for tabs and other functions, with one other feature coming out in the coming weeks which could help notebook users extend their battery life.

Pointers: Five OmniFocus Tips (OS X)

09/04, 8:28am

Speed up and make more use of the To Do app

Not everyone has OmniFocus but maybe everyone should. True, it's a bit of a bionic To Do manager and overkill for many people plus more than perhaps most software, this kind of thing is very individual. You can hate OmniFocus and adore Todoist and we wouldn't think you're a bad person. Only, if you are an OmniFocus fan or you're just starting out with it, you are the sort of person who needs its powerful features yet may not be getting to grips with them. You will. Let's just take a jump forward now and get you using what we'd call its five best but least known excellent features.

Hands On: Knomad iPad Air Leather Portable Organizer by Knomo

09/04, 8:27am

Smart, strong protection for iPad Airs and more

Previously on MacNN... in a piece about Living With: Knomo Leather Case, we not only enthused about a bag we've had for seven years, we said it would take a huge shove before we'd move away from it. A
Then as we just said on the new One More Thing podcast, it's as if the makers said right, Challenge Accepted. For a week now we've been using a much more recent alternative, the Knomad iPad Air Leather Portable Organizer. Most of the things we liked about our case are here too and there are even reasons why we could now see a benefit to sometimes using this instead.

Mozilla tests Firefox for iOS in New Zealand in preparation for launch

09/04, 6:58am

Global release of Firefox for iOS expected before end of this year

Mozilla has started to publicly show its attempt at bringing Firefox to iOS, with an initial test launch in just one country. The mobile browser has been unveiled in a public preview in New Zealand with expansion to a "few more countries" expected in the coming months, with Mozilla using the limited launch to receive feedback on a number of features before it has a wider release to users in the rest of the world later this year.


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