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Hands On: Apples vs Robots (iOS)

02/27, 8:56pm

Clearly the sequel will be an RPG called Androids of Yosemite

Just when you thought the platform wars were over ... okay, maybe you didn't. Either way, Apples vs. Robots by umetec is a very simple tower defense-type game, where the player protects a group of technology enthusiasts from an oncoming horde of robots by chucking apples. Unsurprisingly, this pay-once-and-play game is an iOS exclusive.

Briefly: VLC updates for iOS, OS X; MLB gets spring refitting

02/27, 7:44pm

VLC returns to iOS App Store after long hiatus with new version

Video playing and translation app VLC has received a major new update today, including a return to an iOS version of the app. The latter has actually been available for a while now, but was only offered to those who had originally "purchased" the official iOS app. The new version today is a minor bump from the "buyers only" v2.4.0, now at 2.4.1 for iOS and available to all. The desktop version for various platforms is 2.2.0, with a v1.1.0 final for Android and a beta of the same version for Android TV also being released.

Cook: Apple launching full-on assault on wallet-carrying

02/27, 5:16pm

Apple Watch, abilities will expand over time, replace car keys as well

In a new interview with the UK newspaper the Telegraph, Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed a few new tidbits about the forthcoming Apple Watch, as well as some of the larger vision behind such innovations as the watch, and Apple Pay, and Touch ID -- an all-out attempt to reduce the ephemera people need to carry with them, from wallets to car keys. In the same report, Cook also confirmed that Apple will "tweak" its retail look to accommodate Apple Watch buyers, who are likely to be even more upscale than average Apple customers.

Hands On: AG Drive (iOS)

02/27, 3:55pm

Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery?

Fittingly enough for a racing game, let's get this out front: AG Drive ($4) is a Wipeout clone. That isn't a strike against it - the developer admits it, the Wipeout series has plenty of fans, and many worthy titles have followed the same template. But a game can hew close to that template or build a unique identity, and execution, ultimately, is everything.

Forums: trouble pasting text into mail, cleaning App cookies and more

02/27, 2:58pm

trouble pasting text into mail, cleaning App cookies and more

Recently one Fresh-Faced Recruit turned to the MacNN forums looking for help figuring out why they were having trouble pasting text into Mail. A solution has yet to be found. A discussion about how to clear out cookies that are generated by iPhone Apps is under way in the thread titled "cleaning iPhone App cookies" that was started last week.

Apple deals: retina MacBook Pros from $999

02/27, 2:57pm

retina MacBook Pros from $999

At Apple's online store today, take advantage of discounts on refurbished MacBook Pro models that start as low as $999 for the 13.3-inch Retina MacBook Pro with a 2.4GHz processor, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of flash storage. A $290 discount is offered on the refurbished 13.3-inch Retina MacBook Pro with a 2.6GHz Intel dual-core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and 512GB of flash storage, now $1,409.

Hands On: Magnifico (iOS)

02/27, 1:55pm

Clever adaptation of Risk challenges ambitious war gamers

When boardgames make the leap from physical to digital, there's often a lot of anticipation about how well they'll translate from one medium to the next. There's something lost between the physical world and the digital, but the convenience of carrying a game wherever you wish to play without lengthy setup times is often enough of an advantage. Games like Small World have seen considerable success when making the leap to digital, proving that they can provide tons of fun if they are done well. We took a look at Magnifico, by Slitherine, a digital adaptation of a board game of the same name.

Apple may release iOS 8.2 as early as Monday, report claims

02/27, 1:38pm

Rare situation where two future iOS betas were in circulation at the same time

Ending an unusual scenario where two iOS betas were being tested by developers simultaneously, a new report suggests that iOS 8.2 is likely to be released next week, possibly as early as Monday. Apple has been testing both iOS 8.2 and the forthcoming iOS 8.3, the latter of which is now on its own second beta version. While Apple released a total of five betas for iOS 8.2, the same report claims that iOS 8.3 will only have a maximum of four betas.

Weekly Deals: OWC Garage Sale, Rosetta Stone, WD Black 4TB HD

02/27, 12:25pm

Daily deals for Friday February 27, 2015

Welcome to Daily Deals, the time when we search for deals, offers, discounts, and sales on hardware, software, and other technology for you, the discerning MacNN and Electronista reader. Alongside our usual recap of still-active deals, the new batch of offers include an omnibus deal on Rosetta Stone, a battery case for the iPhone 6, and a heads-up on the OWC garage sale.

Hands On: Bricks (iOS)

02/27, 12:01pm

We are still bouncing dots across the screen with lines after all these years

In 1952, the first video game was invented at the Brookhaven National Laboratory. Tennis for Two was played on an oscilloscope screen, it involved a side view of a simulated game of tennis using two controllable lines and a dot created by an algorithm that was intended to predict the movement of ballistic missiles. Twenty years later came Pong, and four years after that, Breakout! for the Atari 2600 was released. It's been 63 years since the invention of the video game, but Bricks by Konstantin Gonikman proves that, in spite of all the advancements in hardware and graphics, all anybody really wants to do is make a dot move around on a screen by bouncing it off a line.

PayPal cuts off payments to Mega file locker, citing unique encryption

02/27, 10:51am

Visa, Mastercard allegedly pressured by Senator Leahy to cut off Mega

File storage locker Mega has experienced a major setback. Effective immediately, and at the alleged exhortation of the US government, Paypal has ceased processing payments for the service, despite PayPal's reported confirmation that Mega is a legitimate business. PayPal has since said that the company's "unique encryption model" securing its files presents an insurmountable difficulty to confirm legal compliance.

Pointers: TextExpander

02/27, 10:05am

Use TextExpander to speed up every job you ever do in OS X

Previously on Pointers, we talked about how OS X comes with text shortcuts, a way for you to write a couple of characters and then have your Mac expand those out into words and whole sentences. This is true, and if it weren't fantastically useful, we wouldn't have told you about it. However, all the way through that Pointers column, we frequently pointed out that TextExpander is better.

Aereo bankruptcy auction concludes badly, generating only $2M

02/27, 10:02am

Streamer was expecting between $4 and $34 million for its assets

The last chapter of Aereo has nearly been written, with the conclusion of its bankruptcy sale. Falling far short of a peak $34 million expected, the company's asset auction concluded at $2 million. TiVO was the main winner, capturing the trademark, the customer list, and other assets. Patent aggregator RPX purchased the company's patents, with equipment being scattered amongst many bidders.

Hands On: Frozen Synapse (iOS)

02/27, 9:28am

Tactical shooter requires quick wits and careful planning to complete

Tactical shooters aren't anything new to most gamers. Raid-style games are a cornerstone of today's PC game market, thanks in no small part due to the rising success of indie games. We've checked out Door Kickers and Jagged Alliance Flashback for the PC master race, but we've not spent much time with titles aimed at mobile platforms. That changed, however, as we took a look at Frozen Synapse by Mode 7, an iPad port of their well-received PC title.

More lawsuits, ITC complaint filed in Apple vs. Ericsson FRAND fight

02/27, 9:26am

Ericsson source of latest barrage, court filings made in Eastern District of Texas

On February 26, Ericsson filed two complaints with the US International Trade Commission (ITC) and seven complaints in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas against Apple, asserting 41 patents covering many aspects of Apple's iPhones and iPads. The patents include standards-essential patents related to the 2G and 4G/LTE standards, as well as other patents that are critical to features and functionality of Apple devices, such as the design of semiconductor components, user interface software, location services and applications, as well as the iOS operating system.

Hands On: Lux DLX (iOS, Android)

02/27, 7:51am

World domination in the palm of your hands

Lux DLX by Sillysoft Games is a play-and-pass strategy board game of troop movements and world domination. The app has been around since 2008, it's the mobile version of Lux Delux. Behind it is an enthusiastic community of players, creating custom maps and providing strategy tips with an in-app accessible wiki.

Briefly: Apple expands Maps info, Visa takes tokens to Europe

02/27, 12:25am

Apple adds gas station location info, school data to Maps app

Apple has added GreatSchools and GasBuddy to its list of sources for data in its Maps program. The latter company is said to be supplying Apple with gas station locations, exact business names and what major gasoline producer they are affiliated with, rather than the gas pricing spot-check that the company is known for. GreatSchools is likewise likely to be providing school locations information rather than specific school information.


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