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Editorial and Hands On: Star Wars Card Trader

08/31, 3:55pm

Questioning the value of a $250 digital image

So, the Internet has lost its mind at some point in the past few days. If you haven't heard, there was a JPEG of Han Solo being bought and sold on eBay for upwards of $225. Of course, it's not just any digital image, or so I'm told, but a card from the officially licensed Star Wars: Card Trader digital collectible trading card app from Topps.

The MacNN Podcast, episode 30: 'Free (as in) beer'

08/31, 3:51pm

As we wait for September 9, it's app-y hour this week on the show

Driving across 770 miles of breathtaking Canadian landscape, Editor Charles returns from the Edmonton Fringe Festival with accolades and a shiny new Apple Watch for his trouble, just in time to bring you the big 3-0 episode of the MacNN Podcast, along with Managing Editor Mike, writer William Gallagher, and special guest Matt Boyd of the excellent webcomic Three Panel Soul.

Daily Deals: Harman Kardon speakers, Logitech mice, Xbox One

08/31, 2:57pm

Online deal highlights for August 31, 2015

Welcome to Daily Deals, the post where the staff of MacNN searches online retailers for offers, bundles, sales, and discounts on hardware, software, games, and gadgets for you, the discerning reader. The new deals joining the still-alive deals on the list include Xbox One bundles, Harman Kardon Onyx Studio Wireless Speakers for $100, and the Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX for $28.

App Update: f.lux, BackupLoupe, Subler, more

08/31, 2:39pm

App Update for Aug 31, 2015

App development has taken off in the last few years, making it increasingly difficult to stay on top of all the latest versions. To help all of you out, we here at MacNN are dedicated to sorting through new update releases, and highlighting some of the important ones, as well as showcasing apps that we find to be interesting. Today, we look at revisions to f.lux, BackupLoupe, Subler, Preference Manager, Macs Fan Control, and Camtasia.

Apple partners with Cisco for iOS network, communication optimizations

08/31, 2:38pm

Collaborative effort aims to make work to mobile phone transition seamless

Apple and Cisco today announced a partnership to optimize Cisco networks for iOS devices and apps. The pair's first effort integrates the iPhone with Cisco enterprise environments for collaboration in business, with the goal of providing employees with a seamless experience between iPhone and their desk phone.

Apple releases eighth developer, sixth public beta of OS X El Capitan

08/31, 2:30pm

Free upgrade is expected later this fall, may be announced at September 9 event

On Monday, Apple updated both its developer and public betas of the next major upgrade of OS X, 10.11 El Capitan, with identical build releases, continuing a recent pattern of making the developer and public betas the same. The new build, 15A279b, comes 11 days after the last release, and just 10 days prior to Apple's September 9 media event, though El Capitan may not see a release at that event.

Living with: iPhone 6

08/31, 2:11pm

Lets talk about it, while it's still the latest model

The iPhone 6 is the first iPhone that I didn't want to buy. I queued for the original in 2007 and I'm not so addicted that I could tell you each model I ever had since but look at any iPhone from then to the 6 or 6 Plus and there are only two options. Either I wanted one or I got it. I was on the typical UK two-year contract that meant I would have to sit out every other model and that should've meant I was ready to buy the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus but I didn't. Not until a couple of months ago, that is.

Google brings Android Wear to iOS, LG Watch Urbane supported

08/31, 1:14pm

Upcoming Android Wear smartwatches will work with iPhones

Google is expanding the reach of Android Wear from Android smartphones, by allowing some owners of its smartwatches to connect to iOS devices, confirming earlier rumors. Rolling out today, Android Wear for iOS will allow the LG Watch Urbane to pair with an iPhone 5 or newer running iOS 8.2 or later, though it appears the majority of Android Wear users won't be able to connect their older smartwatches to iOS at all.

MacNN launches testing of heat on unpowered SSD data retention

08/31, 12:09pm

Long term work focuses on depleted, factory new 840evo SSD line

Earlier this year, there was some controversy about heat and SSD data life when left unpowered. We don't think this is a major problem for most users, as a SSD will be powered for essentially its entire operational life -- but it may be an issue going forward, as users collect older technologies for re-use, given the generally long life of Apple hardware. So, in conjunction with our SSD Trim testing, we've started real-life testing of unpowered, depleted SSDs, exposed to high temperatures for extended periods of time to check on both data retention, as well as drive survivability.

T-Mobile cracking down on extreme bandwidth users of its LTE network

08/31, 11:58am

Users circumventing T-Mobile tethering restrictions face carrier punishment

T-Mobile is warning its customers not to abuse the carrier's unlimited data service, or they will end up being punished. CEO and President John Legere has spoken out against some of its highest bandwidth-consuming subscribers, warning that they will find their plans will be altered to limit the amount of bandwidth they use, preventing them from abusing the service and freeing up capacity for the rest of the carrier's subscriber base.

Hands On: Zentries 1.6.0 (iOS)

08/31, 10:29am

Slick notepad app offers a great interface but minimal features

If you've got an iPad or an iPhone, you might use it as a notepad while you're on the go. After all, most of us have our phones at all times, so they make the perfect holding tank for all our thoughts, ideas, and feelings. If you're not satisfied with the way Notes is working out for you, we're here to show you an alternative. We checked out Zentries, a simple little notepad app.

New jailbroken iOS device malware found in Weiphone Cydia repository

08/31, 10:28am

Malware responsible for 250,000 Apple account thefts

Malware for iOS requiring a jailbroken handset, and access to Chinese software repositories has been identified. Recent research has discovered 92 samples of a new family of malware called "KeyRaider," which has resulted in the theft of 225,000 valid Apple accounts login credentials, and associated device GUID.

MacNN Deals: Three devices to help you become paperless

08/31, 10:20am

Organize your documents with two scanners and a storage device from MacNN Deals

Every day, alongside our regular Daily Deals post, we are showcasing some of the offers available on our own MacNN Deals page. Today's group are all devices to help you become more organized by going paperless, with two document scanners with Wi-Fi connectivity on offer, alongside an item that provides a cloud storage-style service for your local network.

Tidal wrongly blames Apple for killing Drake live stream

08/31, 9:43am

Artist manager denies Apple caused Tidal stream interference

Tidal has claimed Apple pressured the music service to take down a stream for a charity concert during one artist's set. Viewers of the Tidal stream of Lil WeezyAna Fest for children affected by Hurricane Katrina were greeted by an image claiming Apple is "interfering with artistry" and preventing Drake from being broadcast, but reports suggest Apple may not have anything to do with the temporary takedown at all.

Mac Game Review: Shadowrun Hong Kong 3.0.4

08/31, 8:34am

Hoi, chummer! Take to the shadows, pick up jobs from Mr. Johnson, profit!

Since 1989, Shadowrun has been giving pen-and-paper RPG players the ability to play around in a universe that is part Dungeons and Dragons, part Philip K. Dick novel. Now developers Hairbrained Schemes have given us another installment of the computer version of this experience, Shadowrun: Hong Kong.

Pointers: Fix and Use iCloud Tabs (OS X, iOS)

08/31, 7:43am

So useful – when they work

We're looking at you and we're thinking you've got an iPhone and an iPad, maybe an iPhone and a Mac. Possibly all three: you look professional and that tends to mean you can make great use of all of these but, face it, professional doesn't mean made of money. If you do have more than one Apple device, though, you can use iCloud Tabs and you will the second you know what they are -- and you do one thing to make them work.

Google advises developers on how to weaken iOS 9 app security

08/31, 6:57am

Temporary fix provided by Google to prevent app advertising from breaking in iOS 9

Google has advised app developers of a way to weaken the security of iOS 9, in order to serve ads to users. A post on the Google Ads Developer Blog offers code to help get around App Transport Security (ATS), a feature in iOS 9 that forces apps to use HTTPS to encrypt data sent over the Internet, with the code disabling ATS so that the apps comply with third-party advertising networks and are able to run some "custom creative code" from Google's own ad servers.

Hands On: Sixth-gen iPod touch with Apple A8 SoC

08/31, 4:15am

New Apple iPod touch has the Nintendo DS, and Sony PS Vita in its sights

Once the darling of the Apple product range, the Apple iPod touch has become a sideshow in Apple's product range. Despite this, Apple recently gave its iPod range a small refresh, which included new color options -- but the iPod touch did also get a substantial spec bump up to the Apple's 64-bit A8 processor that powers the iPhone 6. While the upgrade will go unnoticed by most, both Nintendo and Sony will not have missed the significance of its launch.


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