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Hands On: 2F1B 1.8 (iOS)

07/03, 2:58pm

You have two fingers with which to solve puzzles, but only one brain

Two Fingers, but only one brain (2 F 1 B) is a series of 20 mini-games that are mixed and matched to appear two at a time on the user's screen. At first, we weren't sure we were going to like that, but we were pleasantly surprised. Our first encounter with 2F1B was last year, and we were saddened by what we perceived as ads that really got in the way of gameplay. We were recently prompted to give the app another chance. Happily, whether by design or accident, the ad situation has improved dramatically.

Hands On: The Nightmare Cooperative 1.0 (Cross-Platform)

07/03, 12:33pm

Charming roguelike features multiple characters and simple puzzle play

Roguelikes can be an intimidating genre. They're generally known for complicated stat management systems, complex maps, and for being absolutely unforgiving to new players. If you're looking for a gentler roguelike to jump into, we'll show you the pros and cons of The Nightmare Cooperative, available on (Steam and the App Store.)

Hands On: Learn Discovery 1.2.0 (iOS)

07/03, 9:54am

Discover a more efficent way to make sense of Wikipedia articles

Ah, Wikipedia, our torrid little knowledge love affair. Sure, it's not always the most accurate, but it's certainly the most convenient. We're not going to pretend like we're not the type to spend an evening hopping from article to article, reading as much as we can -- but what if there was an easier option, something that made sense of the complex information presented to you by Wikipedia? Now, there is, with Learn Discovery.

Hands On: Scanner Pro 6 (iOS)

07/03, 7:30am

Excellent scanning app adds almost brilliant feature

There is no iPhone scanning app that will get you the same results you have from a desktop scanner like a Fujitsu ScanSnap or a portable document one like a Doxie. However, even portable ones need carrying around, and desktop ones need a desktop, whereas your iPhone is with you all the time and everywhere. What Scanner Pro 6 does is let you photograph a document, and calls that a scan. There are alternatives, and there have been five previous versions of this one, but developer Readdle adds improvements and one potentially brilliant new feature.

Chicago extends existing laws to tax online services 9 percent

07/03, 6:19am

Streaming services covering users in Chicago required to pay extra tax

Users of Netflix, Hulu Plus, and other streaming services in Chicago can expect to pay a higher subscription rate in the future, after the city changed laws. The "cloud tax" is effectively an extension of existing laws to add a nine-percent tax on streaming services and some other online platforms, which in at least one case will see the end price of services paid for by consumers in the city go up in order to compensate for the extra cost of business.


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