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Company still operating by core principles laid down by Jobs, designer says

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    Spheric Harlot Clinically Insane Joined: Nov 07, 1999

    You forgot to split up the different capacities for the iDevices and the speed options for the Macs as separate product lines. You also forgot to list the trackpad and mouse, and the two keyboard variations. Those would have made your argument look really impressive. :rolleyes:

    Basically, the Mac lineup is exactly as it was in 1998, except for the addition of the Mac mini a decade ago.

    Now that you've listed all those iDevices, realize that iPods cost them nothing in R&D or focus because they haven't been updated in years, and that the iPad comes in only two versions: big and small. As with the iPhone, simply keeping last year's model in the lineup costs them NOTHING in focus or attention, and makes them tons of money by allowing lower entry prices.

    The ONLY device that falls out of the raster somewhat is the iPhone 5c, as that meant Apple released TWO phones in one year, rather than just the one.

    Now, take a look at the numbers of each of those products sold (not just the iPhone) compared to ten years ago, and claim again, with a straight face, that they've lost focus.