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Google 'whistleblower' continues tirade against AdSense conspiracy

updated 11:48 am EDT, Thu May 1, 2014

Author claims to have proof of Google fraud against AdSense subscribers

Following Google's denial of taking advantage of some AdSense subscribers, the individual who wrote a screed decrying the search engine's behavior has responded. In a second PasteBin posting, the anonymous "whistleblower" defends his actions, and claims that he has substantive proof of Google's theft and will release it in whole to lawyers representing a class-action suit or, if no suit develops, trickle it out over months.

Google AdSense allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google, and they can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis. The program has been running since 2003 in one form or another.

Participants in AdSense are paid after an account reaches $100. The leaker claims that a Google policy of shutting down accounts before they reach $100 and a payout is made is in place, with Google pocketing the money.

The author claims "I have communications. I have documents, I have files, I have lists, and I have names. I have all of it," referring to proof that Google would close AdSense accounts intentionally just before payout. "The information and evidence I have is extensive and quite detailed, it will also paint a very different picture of what Google is really like to the public."

Responding to Internet queries about why the leak is happening now, the leaker purports to believe that "very little would have been done if I had brought the information solely to law enforcement, even on the federal level. Google would have simply lawyered up and made it go away (which they have done before)."

"I want the people to win. I want those who had money they earned, that was stolen from them, to get the right to fight for it on equal grounding" writes the author. "That is why I have chosen to only release it to the legal representatives of the class action lawsuit against Google in regards to AdSense."

So far, the claims are unsubstantiated. No concrete proof of any misbehavior by Google, or any conspiracy that reaches the top executives as the previous leak alleges, has been put forth. The author says that more info will be released even if no lawsuit arises, but in what venue or format is unclear -- presumably PasteBin will continue to be the host of the bulletins. Also unclear is how the information will be verified as legitimate and not a fabrication.

Google has no response as of yet to the new claims of proof. Google categorically denied the previous claims, saying that the published document is "a complete fiction." Google admits to shutting down some sites, to "stop bad actors and protect our publishers, advertisers and users." Google's policy on a website shutdown is to refund any accumulated funds in a shuttered account to the advertiser, and not to company coffers.

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  1. OldMacGeek

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: 08-04-10

    Screed? I think you mean "screed" and not "screen."

    That said, these are some pretty damning accusations.

  1. Makosuke

    Forum Regular

    Joined: 08-06-01

    Allegations this extreme are going to require proof before I'm going to believe them, so we'll see what happens if and when documents materialize.

    That said, even if this *isn't* true, AdSense is already on shaky moral ground at best. Leaving aside taking money for advertising illegal "pharmacies" that they already got in trouble for, the number of AdSense blocks on spam, domain squatter, and linkfarm sites is huge--that's how the majority of those shady operators make their money, and Google seems quite willing to profit off of it even if they claim otherwise.

    And then there are those ads masquerading as a "Download" button (with a tiny-text disclaimer) that are spammed all over software sites; those are so egregious I've actually taken time to report them, but Google seems happy enough to keep running them despite them bordering on click fraud.

  1. Charles Martin

    MacNN Editor

    Joined: 08-04-01

    I wish the accuser would just shut up and take this to the DOJ ... oh wait, nothing will happen if he/she does that. Maybe take it to some other authority of justice outside the US where Google has less influence. Or at least a good, showy, opportunistic lawyer. We're not in a position to really judge whether this person has serious evidence or is a serious fraud, so we just let our existing prejudices for/against Google form our opinions. Better to let some unbiased party (ie, not the DOJ) sort it out.

  1. Gazoobee

    Forum Regular

    Joined: 02-27-09

    What I can't understand is why no one is upset about the basic tool that they use to perpetrate this nonsense. In other words, why does the money go back to the advertiser and not the person who hosted the ads? If you have a deal with someone to pay them for hosting ads, then for whatever reason the agreement is stopped, how does that justify the stealing back of the money?

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