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Apple ad agency posts iPhone 5c Tumblr page in apparent ad test

updated 09:52 pm EST, Mon March 3, 2014

Could be playground for new campaign, effort to capture youth demographic

The advertising agency behind many of Apple's campaigns appears to have launched an official iPhone 5c Tumblr page, using the multi-media blogging space to showcase and promote the colors of Apple's iPhone 5c, called "ISee5c." While the junior of Apple's two current top phones is actually doing better than the iPhone 5 did at the same point in its history, reports have claimed that the fashionable phone is losing ground to the more advanced iPhone 5s.

The page displays a series of short animated movies, each one based on one of the color options available for the iPhone 5c unit (and reminding viewers of the ability of the iPhone 5c to "color coordinate" with the help of Apple's official accessory cases). The movies have a unifying theme of bringing dots against a color background together in a social activity, from dancing at a festival to popping popcorn for a movie, and all five end with the dots turning into the case on the iPhone 5c, with a tagline and music that reinforces the activity theme.

The black iPhone 5c, for example, uses rock-concert music and animates the dots as spotlights and a light show, ending with the tagline "Showtime," while the blue 5c spot has dots gliding around as in an ice rink, with "The Blue Danube" playing in the background until they coalesce into the iPhone 5c with the tagline "Skate date." Each video runs approximately 12-15 seconds.

The overall theme of the page is "iPhone 5c: Every color has a story" but is not yet tied into any direct traditional ad campaign such as print or TV spots. While it is possible that the maker of the videos -- Apple's ad agency, Media Arts Lab (part of TBWA) -- is using the unpublicized Tumblr page as a test bed for a larger campaign or viral marketing experiment, 9to5Mac reports that some Tumblr users are seeing the page as a "sponsored post" in their Tumblr feeds, indicating some degree of official endorsement from Apple.

The iPhone 5c has a reputation as the media's favourite Apple-related whipping boy, since it comes up somewhat short in comparison to the only-$100-more iPhone 5s -- but in fact the junior model compares favorably not only to the model it replaced (with longer battery life and more accessory options) but holds up well even against the most recent flagship phone competition from others, despite being up to 18 months older, thanks to its color coordination with iOS 7 and generally equal or better compared to its main competition.

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    iSee5c sounds corny, but could be worse.... iSex5s...?

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