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Analyst sources say iPhone 5S, low-cost iPhone in July

updated 12:33 pm EDT, Fri April 12, 2013

Cheaper phone predicted to have thicker, curved plastic back

Apple will announce both an iPhone 5S and a low-cost iPhone in June, and launch the hardware in July, says Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White. The claim stems from a meeting with Apple vendors and suppliers during a Chinese tradeshow this week. Based on the info, he expects the low-cost iPhone to have the same 4-inch screen as the iPhone 5, but use a thicker design with a curved plastic back, instead of flat metal and glass.

The 5S is predicted to hew close to its predecessor, but White says that the "strong consensus" among suppliers is that it will have some external modifications, such as a larger camera, and rearranged buttons on the left side. It's also anticipated that the phone will use some form of fingerprint recognition, which could be the device's major bulletpoint, much in the same way that Siri was used to sell the iPhone 4S. Apple is known to be working on fingerprint recognition, but which product it will first appear in is unknown.

In contrast with an allegation White made earlier this week, the sources at the tradeshow gave no indication that Apple is planning to use anything but a 4-inch screen, for the 5S or otherwise. White suggests that this could be a result of "extra secrecy," or else leaving a larger screen on the table for an iPhone 6.

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  1. Arne_Saknussemm

    Forum Regular

    Joined: 04-05-11

    So Apple is indeed following the trend

    of larger displays Samsung started?

    Well on a less than trollish note,

    The curved back iPhones were the nicest hand and pocket fit there was, and they locked no less stunning than the late hard edge designs. Adding a dedicated shutter button would be nice to. And I bet if Apple added a fingerprint recognition system most competitors would follow with similar biometric devices.

  1. Spheric Harlot

    Clinically Insane

    Joined: 11-07-99

    Why would they need to add another button? You've been able to use the volume buttons as shutter buttons since iOS 5.

    Needless clutter.

  1. Arne_Saknussemm

    Forum Regular

    Joined: 04-05-11

    Dear Globular_Whore

    Your comments are so flat, soul less, and inert; boringly repeating the "Apple knows best" rant, that either you are a paid commentard or just a robot.

  1. Spheric Harlot

    Clinically Insane

    Joined: 11-07-99

    Wait: you claim Apple needs to implement a feature that they've already had for a year and a half.

    I point this out, and rather than concluding that it might be time to stfu about a product you're obviously clueless about, you launch into a desperate ad hominem.

    Sure thing.


  1. Miniryu

    Mac Elite

    Joined: 10-30-99

    Pay closer attention to what you read, Spheric Harlot

    He suggested adding a "dedicated" shutter button. A dedicated button is very different from a soft button/using a volume button.

    You think a dedicated button is useless clutter and Arne feels that it would be nice/convenient. Done. Stop putting words in people's mouths and move on.

  1. Spheric Harlot

    Clinically Insane

    Joined: 11-07-99

    When in camera mode, the volume button IS, for all intents and purposes, a dedicated camera button.

    He is not arguing from preference; he is arguing from ignorance.

    I can be called a "commentard" or a paid claqueur or whatever, at least I know what I'm talking about when I troll the forums.

  1. Arne_Saknussemm

    Forum Regular

    Joined: 04-05-11

    The nice thing about having a hardware

    shutter button which not actually using it to take a photo (a la iPhone volume rocker).

    This in itself is only a bit more convenient than than just pressing a software button once the camera application is running.

    When the DEDICATED hardware button becomes really handy is that moment you see something that begs to be photographed right away,

    your phone is in your pocket,

    you just slide your hand into your pocket,

    feel for the button which helps you orient the phone properly without any visual clues,

    and then, when the phone is in your field of view,

    partially press the button and the camera function gets invoked immediately;

    a further press of the button completes picture taking sequence. With no delays our fumbling for software buttons.

    This happens in some old Nokia Symbian phones, and Windows Phone devices (it is actually a system requirement to have this hardware button) without previously unlocking, thus tremendously improving the chance of catching that special moment.

    The photos cannot be reviewed unless you go through a proper unlock sequence, thus privacy is ensured.

    This is the advantage of a dedicated shutter button.

    Gosh, G_Whore you are so caught up into what your religion dictates you fail to even imagine there might be better waits of doing things.

  1. Spheric Harlot

    Clinically Insane

    Joined: 11-07-99

    There are actually phones that will take photos of your pocket without any intervention or need to unlock the camera, and this is actually sold as a "feature"?

    Okay, color me surprised.

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