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Ambitious construction plan meets red tape, regulations

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    Flying Meat Senior User Joined: Jan 25, 2007

    As businesses rarely spend money to determine what they will crush, beyond their competition, it is incumbent upon the individuals that live in/care about their environment to assure it is done well.

    Don't want to burst yer bubble there with your California doom-saying, but we're not doing as badly as your post suggests. Perhaps other states just don't recognize their depths of welfare use?

    And I dread the thought that I might ever have to live anywhere else.

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    Charles Martin Mac Elite Joined: Aug 04, 2001


    1. And yet, SOMEHOW, Apple is the most valuable publicly-traded company in the world, and is also home to many, many other insanely valuable companies. In California. Hmmm, this would seem to put the lie to your statements. Yes, Apple outsources their manufacturing -- as do most companies. Even startups. Check out all the projects on Kickstarter that order prototypes and then (when funded) do the manufacturing in (insert developing country here). Doing manufacturing in China and other places is commonplace for all types of businesses.

    2. Somebody else will be more knowledgable than I on this point, but ISTR that California first amassed huge deficits when Enron bankrupted the state by blackmailing them on electricity. Funny how Arnie couldn't manage to bring the budget back under control.

    3. I challenge your stats on California's welfare spending. According to CNBC, CA spends $3BN a year. However, the total for national welfare spending is $111B (family and children support only, I'm not even counting housing assistance or other types of services). Elementary math would suggest that saying CA uses 1/3rd of the nation's welfare budget is absurd.

    It's also not true that California is 47th in the nation in education. That would be West Virginia:

    In addition to being misinformed about welfare spending and education, you are also mistaken about bankruptcy law. States cannot declare bankruptcy:

    I might suggest you avail yourself of some more diverse news sources (the Internet has many) and get your facts straight before presenting a case based on false premises. I'm not saying that California doesn't have an issue with over-regulation (in some areas) or that they don't have some need for tax reform (though again you are wrong about them having the highest tax rates:, -- but using bad info to try and make your point just undermines your credibility.