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Apple's iPhone 5 clears last hurdle of Chinese regulation

10/30, 11:34pm

Latest model is compatible with both of the largest networks

Chinese regulatory authorities on Tuesday certified the iPhone 5 as being compatible with the country's GSM and CDMA networks, meaning that the iPhone 5 is now cleared to be sold in China. While it is still unknown when Apple will launch it in China, it is possible that the phone will appear soon on at least China Unicom's GSM network. Both a CDMA (known as A1442 on a chart provided by Sina) and a GSM (A1429) model have been approved, also providing an opportunity for China Telecom.

Ex-Kickstarter project QuNeo hits store shelves

10/30, 9:05pm

Training available for professional-level DJ peripheral

Keith McMillen Instruments today formally announced the retail release of QuNeo, a new tablet-sized multi-touch controller that replaces three pieces of popular DJ gear. The device is intended to take the place of the mixer, turntable, and music player device traditionally associated with the DJ booth.

Telestream reveals ScreenFlow 4 update

10/30, 8:42pm

New release adds subtitle, Retina Display support

Telestream, provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, today announced a major release for its ScreenFlow screen recording and video editing software. ScreenFlow 4 optimizes full-screen recording for Apple Retina displays, adds chroma key support, nested clips, media library tools, additional video and audio effects, closed caption support, and more.

HP unveils new Officejet Pro and LaserJet printers

10/30, 8:33pm

Officejet Pro line targets small work team printing

HP today unveiled new additions to both its Officejet Pro and LaserJet lines of printers, targeting small and medium-sized businesses and other enterprise-class customers. The new Officejet Pro X series of desktop printers and multifunction printers produce content at up to twice the speed of their competitors and lower the cost of printing. Powered by HP's PageWide Technology, the Officejet Pro X series is capable of printing high-quality documents at up to 70 pages per minute.

Amazon uses homepage to call out Apple, iPad mini [U]

10/30, 7:52pm

Amazon effectively calls iPad mini pricing 'ballsy'

[Update: Amazon's front page no longer features the comparison] Amazon is taking the fight to Apple, using the front page of its popular site to call out Apple's new iPad mini as overpriced for the features it delivers compared to Amazon's Kindle Fire HD. Visitors to Amazon's front page will now see a quote from a tech blog calling Apple "ballsy" for pricing its 7.9-inch iPad mini as much as $130 more than competing seven-inch devices. Below, a small chart compares the features of the two devices and pronounces the Kindle Fire HD as the device that delivers "much more for much less."

Signal Flare by Lookout reveals lost iPhone's last location

10/30, 7:46pm

New feature in Lookout iOS app signals just before battery drains

Citing the fact that 30 percent of people who had an iOS device lost or stolen could not recover it via Find My iPhone because of a dead battery, device location and security specialist Lookout has launched the iOS version of Signal Flare. Previously available on Android, the application has already been used by "millions of people," according to the developer.

OS X and iOS vector drawing application iDraw updated

10/30, 7:16pm

Version 2.2 adds Retina display support, iCloud integration

Macintosh software developer Indeeo released iDraw 2.2 today, a significant update to its Mac design and illustration application. Version 2.2 focuses on adding support for the latest technologies in Mac OS X, including iCloud integration, Mountain Lion sharing features, and an updated interface for the Retina display on the new MacBook Pro models.

OnOne Software Perfect Photo Suite upgraded to 7.0

10/30, 6:56pm

New update allows for seamless integration with Aperture, Lightroom

Photography software creator onOne Software, today announced the release of Perfect Photo Suite 7. The new version has been improved to give photographers more ways to maximize their creativity and solve common problems in digital photography. Perfect Photo Suite 7 provides tools to create black and white photographs, enhance the look and feel of images with professionally-designed effects, retouch portraits, replace unwanted backgrounds, control depth-of-field after the shot has been taken, as well as resize and prepare images for print.

iPhone sees user loyalty drop in US, Europe

10/30, 6:43pm

Strategy Analytics finds 13 point drop in Euro loyalty

Loyalty to Apple's iOS platform appears to have dipped in the United States and in Europe, according to the latest figures from Strategy Analytics. For the first time since the iPhone's release in 2007, the research firm has found that the number of iPhone owners stating they will definitely or probably purchase their next phone from Apple has declined in both regions. While loyalty has dipped only slightly in the United States and moreso in Europe, the majority of iPhone owners, according to the report, will remain loyal to the platform.

Samsung officially adds iPhone 5 to infringement lawsuit

10/30, 6:41pm

Says it violates same LTE patents as previous iPhones, iPads

Still reeling from its major court defeat against Apple in the US and a string of legal losses in other countries (punctuated by the occasional -- but minor -- victory), Samsung has now added the iPhone 5 to its new lawsuit against Apple, this time claiming that all LTE-equipped mobile devices Apple makes are in violation of eight patents the Korean "fast follower" device maker holds. The lawsuit is widely seen as weak, since at least some of Samsung's LTE patents would likely be declared "standards-essential" and subject to FRAND regulations.

Acer delays Windows RT tablet launch to gauge Surface

10/30, 6:12pm

Acer previously put off by Surface announcement

Acer has announced a delay in the launch of tablets running Microsoft's Windows RT operating system, giving the Taiwanese space to assess the impact of Microsoft's Surface RT tablet. Acer has previously expressed dissatisfaction with Microsoft's entering the hardware sector, and now the company will delay its Windows RT devices until at least the second quarter of 2013 to see how the new Microsoft tablet fares. Acer executives specifically cited Surface as a reason for the company's delay of what had been a "very aggressive plan" to roll out Windows RT devices.

EFF: new Ubuntu Linux release suffers from 'data leak'

10/30, 5:59pm

Search results transmitted to Amazon, Facebook, others by default

Web search settings in the latest Ubuntu 12.10 are to blame for what the Electronic Frontier Foundation calls a "data leak" and a privacy violation. Unless settings are altered, every time a search is performed for a document, application, or other file using the Dash feature, the search includes results from Amazon. Search results can also return advertisements sent unencrypted in the results, allowing for Wi-Fi or network sniffers to intercept and read the text.

Analogix announces SlimPort accessories for Nexus 4

10/30, 5:39pm

Nexus 4 first smartphone to feature SlimPort technology

Analogix announced today the availability of new accessories that will allow the recently announced Google-LG Nexus 4 to connect to video output devices. The Nexus 4 is the first smartphone to feature SlimPort technology, which is based on DisplayPort, and Analogix' selection of SlimPort accessories will allow the new Nexus phone to connect to HDTVs, monitors, and projectors while providing simultaneous connectivity to the phone's power source.

Apple: iTunes 11 needs 'extra time,' release delayed

10/30, 5:03pm

Update now expected by the end of November

Obscured somewhat by news of the hurricane and flooding and its own executive reorganization, Apple has revealed that it is delaying the update of iTunes to version 11 until some time in November. The previous release schedule was announced during the iPhone 5 announcement in September, and was reportedly to be delivered by the end of October.

ARM unveils 64-bit Cortex-A50 mobile processors

10/30, 4:57pm

New 64-bit chips slated to debut in 2014

ARM today announced a new processor series based on the ARMv8 architecture, the Cortex-A50. The new series will initially include the Cortex-A53 and Cortex-A57 processors, and it will bring to bear energy-efficient technologies enabling 64-bit processing in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. ARM says the new designs should enable performance up to three times that seen in today's "superphones" while consuming a comparable level of power.

Briefly: Marshall Headphones, SquareTrade, App Deletion

10/30, 3:45pm

Marshall release Major 50 FX headphones

Marshall Headphones has released the Major 50 FX headphones. Claimed to have a sound quality that pays homage to the Marshall legacy, the physical design attempts to match the audio. Inner ear caps borrow the fret detailing used in the 50th anniversary line of amplifiers, the outer has gold accents and the same vinyl coating used for the Marshal amp line. Complete with an Apple-certified microphone and remote, the Marshall Headphones Major 50 FX are on sale for $170.

Google Search, Apple Cards apps for iOS get updates

10/30, 3:45pm

Google app gets streamlined voice search tech

Google has released a new version of its free Search app for iOS, v2.5. The software has been updated for the iPhone 5, but also introduces an overhauled Voice Search function. Voice recognition is said to be faster and generally improved, moreover streaming text as a person speaks. For some queries the app will give a vocal reply instead of just visual results.

Asus sees 43 percent profit jump on strong hardware sales

10/30, 3:08pm

Nexus 7, convertible sales strong

Asus released its earnings figures for the third quarter today, surprising investors by posting its largest quarterly profit in more than four years. Buoyed in part by solid sales of the Nexus 7 tablet it built with Google and continuing growth in its PC and convertible tablet sales, Asus saw its profits rise 43 percent year-over-year to $229.1 million. The Taiwanese electronics manufacturer forecast continuing growth for the next quarter, raising its estimates of shipments for both tablets and PCs.

Apple refurbs: iMacs from $979

10/30, 2:15pm

iMacs from $979

Apple's online store today offers a variety of refurbished iMacs for reduced prices. The 21.5-inch iMac with a 2.5GHz Intel quad-core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive has been reduced by $220 to $979. A $310 price break is offered on the refurb. 21.5-inch iMac with a 2.7GHz Intel quad-core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive, now $1189.

Google Play Store nears 700K total apps

10/30, 2:14pm

Play Store approaches Apple's App Store total

Google has revealed that its Play Store app marketplace now hosts about 700,000 applications. The growth in the number of Android apps available in Google's central repository means that the search giant's app marketplace now approaches Apple's in terms of sheer scale. Google also recently announced that its Play Store had crossed the 25 billion mark for total apps downloaded.

Forum roundup: typing on the iPad mini?

10/30, 2:13pm

typing on the iPad mini?

In the MacNN forums, members discuss what they think typing will be like on the new iPad mini in this thread stared by Mac Elite hadocon earlier this week. In the thread titled "Something for us in 2013" Grizzled Veteran Doc HM is still waiting for the Mac Pro to get a refresh and has turned to the forums to discuss when that might be.

DealNN roundup: iMounTEK Bluetooth keyboard case for iPad

10/30, 2:11pm

iMounTEK Bluetooth keyboard case for iPad only $25

At this week save on the iMounTEK wireless Bluetooth rotating keyboard case cover for iPad 2 which was $49.95, but has been reduced to $24.95 with FREE super saver shipping. Save 48% on the Kingston DataTraveler Elite 16GB USB 3.0 flash drive today at, it was $29, but has been cut to $14.95 with FREE budget shipping.

Briefly: OWC launches new rMBP SSD, OfficeDrop for Mac

10/30, 2:05pm

OWC offering 480GB SSD for rMBP

OWC has launched a new 480GB SSD designed for the 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display. The Mercury Aura Pro is currently being offered in one capacity, however larger options are expected to be announced in November. The 6G SandForce-Drive drive can be ordered online for $580.

Google retools Gmail interface to improve email drafting

10/30, 1:44pm

New message composition pops up window in page

The Gmail team is now testing out an improvement to the user interface for the popular web email service, one that alters the message compose and reply interface in order to make it easier to reference additional content when writing an email. Beginning today, some users of Google's email service will be able to see their new and reply messages popping up in an in-window box similar to what appears for Google Talk chats. The hovering new email box will allow users to continue to refer back to other emails or navigate through their inboxes as they compose a new message.

iPad mini orders en route for early online buyers

10/30, 1:35pm

Mini Smart Covers already being delivered

Apple is beginning to ship early online orders of the iPad mini, notes MacRumors. Although the company's official tracking page is showing orders as "Preparing for Shipment," FedEx data indicates that many tablets are already en route. People who ordered Smart Covers for their Minis are in fact starting to receive the accessories.

Ballmer: 4 million Windows 8 Upgrades sold, new apps

10/30, 1:32pm

Demonstrates 82-inch slate, PayPal in-app purchasing

Microsoft has sold over four million upgrades for Windows 8 in the first few days after its launch. Speaking at the Build developers event on the Microsoft campus, CEO Steve Ballmer confirmed the number in his keynote speech, alongside announcements for more Windows 8 apps, such as PayPal, Dropbox, and ESPN.

Samsung rumored to be working on 7-inch Note device

10/30, 12:37pm

Samsung may double down in 7-inch segment with stylus device

Samsung may be preparing a new entry for the increasingly crowded 7-inch tablet segment, as the South Korean electronics powerhouse is thought to be working on a smaller version of its stylus-enabled Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. The size of the device is not yet certain, but entries in the DLNA certification logs show an as yet unrevealed Samsung device that bears the same prefix in its model number as previous Galaxy Note devices. Should the device materialize, it would give Samsung three S Pen-enabled devices on the market, including the Galaxy Note 10.1 and the Galaxy Note II.

Apple wins patent on iOS Maps interface

10/30, 12:22pm

Filing dates back to before iPhone 3G

Apple has won a patent on the interface for the Maps app in iOS, notes AppleInsider. The patent is officially titled Touch screen device, method, and graphical user interface for providing maps, directions, and location-based information, and was originally applied for about a month before the iPhone 3G launched in July 2008. Maps debuted on the 3G as a part of iPhone OS 2.0.

Nook Tablet owners get dual-boot option thanks to N2Acards

10/30, 11:56am

Cyanogenmod-packing microSD cards bring Android 4.1.2 to Nook Tablets

A new product called N2Acards is now available for the Nook Tablet that will let owners of the Barnes & Noble tablet choose to boot into the original Android-based OS or the full-blown Android 4.1.2. The microSD card contains Cyanogenmod-based software on them that allows the dual-boot feature, though more tech-savvy buyers can opt to just download the OS image and install it on their own.

Trimble details rugged Yuma 2 tablet with Windows 7

10/30, 10:53am

Yuma 2 gets more storage space, newer Atom processor, more changes

Trimble has followed up its rugged Yuma tablet with the Yuma 2. It is also powered by Windows 7, like the past device, and is powered by a 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU, and there is 4GB of RAM onboard. It uses a 7-inch capacitive multitouch screen with 1,024x600 resolution and an anti-reflective coating.

Fourth-gen iPad sells out; benchmarks show 1.39GHz A6X

10/30, 10:52am

New iPads still expected to ship in one week

Stock of the fourth-generation iPad has evaporated at Apple's online store. All colors, capacities, and wireless combinations are no longer available for delivery on Friday, the tablet's official launch date. They are, however, still set to ship within a week, indicating that Apple should have a reasonable supply at hand.

Gresso shows rugged Regal Titanium handset for $4,500

10/30, 10:10am

Regal Titanium made from a billet of titanium, runs on Symbian S40

Luxury handset maker Gresso has shown off a new handset, the Regal Titanium. As the name suggests, it is largely made of titanium, milled from a billet piece of the metal. Titanium is resistant to corrosion, salt, moisture and sunlight, making it long lasting.

Apple allegedly in 'quiet jubilation' over Forstall's exit

10/30, 9:55am

Workers said to have been 'caught off guard' by news

Scott Forstall's firing from Apple was greeted with "quiet jubilation" at the company, especially among engineering teams, according to GigaOm. The site quotes anonymous sources, one of whom claims that a number of workers were going out to celebrate with drinks. Forstall's exit is also described as being "fairly last minute," with many people on the iOS and OS X teams only hearing about it minutes before a press release reached the media.

MetroPCS results claim 1 million 4G LTE user barrier broken

10/30, 9:08am

MetroPCS results claim 1 million 4G LTE user barrier broken

MetroPCS has passed the 1 million 4G LTE subscriber barrier, according to its third quarter results. The milestone represents approximately 12-percent of the company's total subscriber base of 9 million, itself lower than the previous quarter by over 312,000 customers, down 2-percent from the same quarter last year.

Everything Everywhere 4G network goes live in the UK

10/30, 7:18am

Carrier turns on 4G coverage in 11 cities

Everything Everywhere has turned on its 4G network in the UK. The new network, jointly created by Orange and T-Mobile, has gone live in 11 cities across the country, in the first wave of the carrier's national rollout that will see 98 percent of the UK population covered by the end of the year 2014.

Intel pushes out 20nm flash-based SSD 335

10/30, 7:08am

Intel delivers next-gen SSD using 20nm NAND flash fab process

Intel is now shipping its first SSDs based on its new 20nm NAND Flash memory fabrication process. Although shifting to the new process delivers manufacturing, power efficiencies, and the potential to ramp up the capacity of its SSDs, the first 335-series drive only comes in at 240GB size with no performance boost. It does, however, signal the first time Intel has been able to successfully apply its HiK/metal gate stack used in its CPU designs to NAND production.

Rumor: Forstall dumped over refusal to sign Maps apology

10/30, 6:09am

Former Apple head of iOS sacked over refusal to accept Maps blame

According to unnamed sources, it is possible that the reason Apple's former head of mobile software, Scott Forstall, was forced to resign is because he refused to sign the Maps app apology, reports CNN. Instead, the rare public apology from Apple was undersigned by its Apple CEO Tim Cook. Two of Apple's most public missteps in recent times came under Forstall's leadership of the mobile OS division after touted iOS features including Siri and Maps both failed to live up to early expectations.

Sony reveals new CineAlta 4K Super 35mm video cameras

10/30, 5:11am

PL-mount lens range additions announced at same time

Sony has launched two broadcast-quality CineAlta PL-mount video cameras to go alongside the F65. The PMW-F55 and the PMW-F5 both contain 4K Super 35mm image sensors capable of an 11.6 million pixel, 4096x2160 resolution image. While the PMW-F5 can output HD and 2K video, the PMW-F55 extends this to 4K resolution imagery.


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