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Apple seeds 10.8.1 beta to developers

08/10, 10:39pm

May address Thunderbolt 'static noise' issue

Apple developers have started receiving a beta of OS X 10.8.1, the first update to Mountain Lion since its release on July 25. While the release note accompanying the update lists no known issues, Apple does ask developers to focus testing on several areas -- including Wi-Fi and audio when connected to an Apple Thunderbolt Display, a noise issue tested extensively by MacNN last month. The new build is number 12B13 and is 38.5MB in size.

Apple proposed $30-40 Samsung license fee per device

08/10, 10:29pm

Six witnesses examined, new documents revealed in trial

Friday's events in the Apple vs. Samsung trial in Judge Lucy Koh's courtroom in San Francisco today included two University of Toronto professors, an MIT marketing professor and two market research experts as Apple begins to wrap up its case against Samsung, clearing the way for Samsung to present its own charges next week. A presentation entered into evidence showed that Apple had warned Samsung it was infringing in 2010, and proposed a license of $30 per phone and $40 per tablet.

Google to penalize pirates, infringers in search rankings

08/10, 7:51pm

Will take content complaints into account for search results

Google is set to become more aggressive against sites hosting allegedpirated material. From next week, the search engine will start to factor in the number of valid copyright notices it receives against a site, penalizing those with high numbers by placing them lower in search results. The ranking will "help users find legitimate, quality sources of content more easily," according to a post in the company's blog post.

Samsung attorneys object to Apple labeling on court exhibits

08/10, 7:48pm

Stickers cover back of phones, don't obscure brand labeling

Earlier today, Samsung attorneys filed a motion in the Apple versus Samsing patent trial in the District Court of the Northern District of California to "label joint exhibit devices in a manner not obscuring trade dress." Apple is the curator of the joint exhibits, most of which are Samsung-developed smartphones. The devices have large stickers affixed to the backs, labeling the devices as trial exhibits, but not obscuring any branding or device model identification.

Black Galaxy S III leaked at Carphone Warehouse

08/10, 7:40pm

Black model previously hinted at on Samsung Facebook page

A previously unannounced black variant of the Samsung Galaxy S III appears to be on the way, as a picture of the device has popped up on Samsung's Facebook page. The device has also -- as Android Police found out -- shown up in a product listing for the retailer Carphone Warehouse. Samsung has already released a red version of its flagship smartphone, though the company has as yet given no word on this model.

Samsung lawyer owns up to mistake, wasn't admitted to bar

08/10, 7:05pm

Corrective measures taken, asks court for forgiveness

In another Samsung misstep, an attorney for Samsung-hired Quinn Emanuel has admitted that she wasn't yet allowed to practice law in the court district where an Apple vs. Samsung trial is being held. Susan Estrich, a law professor and Fox New analyst, was questioned early Thursday about her compliance with court regulations on attorney appearances and qualifications, and had until the close of business that day to accept or refute the court's records on her qualifications. She has since applied for and been accepted to practice before the court.

Microsoft, NYPD create crime-fighting supercomputer

08/10, 6:51pm

NYC to earn share of crime system profits

The New York Police Department and Microsoft have constructed a supercomputer to help fight crime. Costing between $30 and $40 million to create, the Domain Awareness System (DAS) uses a combination of CCTV, license plate readers, police reports, and live incident reports to track criminals and help protect the city from potential threats such as terrorist attacks.

Disney Revel uses electrical fields for tactile feedback

08/10, 6:30pm

Electrostatic field generator offers multiple touch sensations

A team at Disney Research has created a new wearable tactile technology that effectively changes the sensation felt when touching physical objects, using electricity. Revel can add artificial tactile sensations to almost any surface or object, without having to use the motors and actuators currently employed by touchscreen haptic feedback found in phones and tablets, and force feedback rumbling found in game controllers.

Sprint to offer ZTE tablet free with smartphone purchase

08/10, 6:04pm

ZTE Optik deal to start August 12

Sprint may be preparing to give away a 7-inch tablet with the purchase of a new or renewal smartphone contract. TechnoBuffalo has uncovered a flier that says the carrier will unveil a new offer; one wherein customers will receive a ZTE Optik along with the purchase of a new smartphone on a two-year contract. Customers taking advantage of the offer won't just be signing up for a smartphone contract, though; the carrier will require that they activate a new contract with the Optik as well.

Leak: Kinect 2 image shows increased depth, detail

08/10, 6:00pm

Leak: Kinect 2 image shows increased depth, detail

A leaked image suggests the Kinect 2 will work with improved depth-of-field and use more movement data than before. The image surfaced on a Twitter feed run by @superDaE, apparently showing perceived depth as seen from the sensor. The two subjects viewed appear to have a higher level of detail than the current version of the Kinect is capable of producing, suggesting the system will measure movements with higher degree of accuracy.

13-inch Retina MacBook Pro shows up in benchmarks

08/10, 3:46pm

New model appears to sport 8GB RAM

Adding to prior evidence that a 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro is in the offing, a new model of the high-resolution MacBook has shown up in another set of online benchmarks. As Mac Rumors details, the new model bears many of the same specs as the model spotted earlier this year, but with a few key differences. Apple has been thought to have a 13-inch version of its MacBook line of notebooks in the works for some time, and the computers are expected to ship later this year.

Photos show alleged dock connector plug for iPhone 5

08/10, 3:30pm

Smaller than standard USB format

French website has uncovered what are said to be some of the first photos of the actual plug for Apple's new dock connector format. In the past, only images of matching ports on next-generation iPhone parts have been leaked. The plug is smaller than the current Apple format for portable devices, and in fact much narrower than a regular USB plug, closer to micro- or mini-USB. The images are believed to have been found on a Chinese-language site.

Review: Pure Contour 100i clock radio speaker

08/10, 1:41pm

Last of a dying breed?

The days of speaker docks like the Pure Contour 100i are probably numbered, even if they'll continue to be made for a while. In an age of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it makes less and less sense to limit people to the devices a specific connector format might support. Still, quality non-wireless docks exist, and they're especially handy for people who want to charge their devices and listen to them at the same time. We'll judge if the 100i is a worthwhile entry into the field.

Briefly: Verizon tops, Spotify likes, Michael Jackson

08/10, 12:35pm

Verizon tops customer satisfaction

Verizon Wireless once again claimed the top spot among US carriers in terms of customer loyalty. The company reported today that its second quarter churn rate was 0.84 percent. Verizon edged out the unnamed second place finisher, which tallied a 0.97 percent churn rate. Third and fourth place carriers saw churn rates of 1.79 and 2.1 percent. Churn measures the percentage of customers who leave their wireless providers in a given period. Verizon's churn figures represent only wireless customers with postpaid contracts.

Forum roundup: Retina MBP first time purchase and more

08/10, 12:30pm

First time purchase Retina MBP

The thread titled "First time purchase, Macbook Pro Retina Display" was started by one Fresh-Faced Recruit who is trying to make sure they get exactly what they are looking for. Earlier today one Forum Regular was trying to figure out if there would be a noticeable performance increase if they upgraded to a quad-core iMac from a Mac mini, join in here.

Apple refurbs: current-generation iPads from $449

08/10, 12:30pm

Current-generation iPads from $449

At Apple's online store today save on a variety of refurbished iPads, iPods and more. Current generation iPad models start at $449 for the refurb. 16GB iPad with Wi-Fi, retina display, 5MP iSight camera, and Bluetooth 4.0. Or for $100 more, $549, is the refurb. 32GB iPad with the same features. If you are looking to cut cost more the refurb. 16GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi and 3G is only $399 after a $130 price cut.

Briefly: WordPress iOS update, MyService offers hybrid drive

08/10, 11:16am

MyService offering hybrid drive for Macs

Automattic has released a major update for its iOS WordPress app, introducing an all new UI with a navigational sidebar. Graphics and colors within the interface have also been updated, and sliding panels have been added to the iPad's interface. The update also introduces support for Post Formats, landscape support throughout the app, new stats, and a simple post preview feature for the iPad. The update is available as a free download in the App Store.

RED Dragon sensor exceeds expectations after internal tests

08/10, 10:54am

RED's 6K Dragon sensor is said to be ultra-clean, offer high dynamic range, more

RED's teased 6K resolution Dragon sensor is exceeding the company's expectations after internal testing, CEO Jim Jannard revealed on the official forums. He promises the sensor will be "the cleanest" ever seen and will be the resolution and dynamic range king. At ISO 2000, Jannard said, the images produced look better than the company's current MX sensor at ISO 800.

HTC One X gets over-the-air upgrade to Android 4.0.4

08/10, 10:18am

Software update makes Sense changes, brings Single Sign-On feature, more

The international variants of the quad-core HTC One X will begin being sent out over the air later on this Friday. The phone shipped with Android 4.0, but the detail update still unlocks some new features and functions in the device. HTC's Sense skin will also get some changes, including the multitasking button getting menu functionality.

DealNN roundup: refurb. 2.8GHz Mac Pro, only $1869

08/10, 9:46am

Deals on Mac Pros, USB Flash drives, and more

Today's deals from DealNN include discounted Mac Pros, USB Flash drives, and more. Apple's online store this week is offering $630 off the refurbished 2.8GHz Mac Pro, with 3GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive, 18x SuperDrive, and quad-core Intel Xeon processor. Currently featured at DealNN, the Mac Pro has now dropped to $1,869 in price, and includes free ground delivery.

Lenovo rumored partnering with NVIDIA on Win RT tablet

08/10, 8:01am

Lenovo set to offer convertible ARM-based Win RT tablet

Lenovo is rumored to be partnering with NVIDIA (sub.req.) for the first time on an ARM-based Windows RT tablet, according to the Wall Street Journal. The news follows the unveiling this week of its full Windows 8 ThinkPad tablet that will run on an Intel Atom processor. The Chinese PC maker, now the second largest in the world, is set to join Asus in using an NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor to power and Windows RT tablet.

Next-gen Samsung Exynos 5 Dual details revealed

08/10, 7:07am

Samsung Exynos 5 Dual with ARM Cortex A-15 enroute

Samsung has published a white paper (pdf) outlining the technical details and product highlights of its next-generation mobile processor. The new Exynos 5 Dualseries of mobile processors will be clocked at 1.7GHz and have been manufactured on Samsung's 32nm process using its High-K Metal Gate method. Underpinning the design is ARM's Cortex A-15 architecture, which will pit Samsung's latest chip directly against Qualcomm's Snapdragon S4 'Krait' processors.

Apple, Samsung case spills details of US sales figures

08/10, 6:12am

Details of US Apple and Samsung sales revealed for first time

The high-stakes Apple versus Samsung court battle taking place in the Northern District of California has seen highly confidential sales figures (pdf) for the US market released. Although Apple, unlike Samsung, has always reported actual units sold on to end-users, these have only ever been global sales figures that have never been broken down by region. Samsung has tended to avoid revealing actual sales figures in favor of units shipped with the new court documents revealing the sometimes large discrepancy between shipments against actual units sold on to end-users.

Report: slightly larger battery for 'next iPhone' seen

08/10, 2:42am

Modest voltage, wattage suggests LTE radio drain solved

One of the factors that kept an LTE "4G" radio out of the iPhone 4S was the compromise of the battery-draining next-generation cellular data transceiver. As many "4G" phone owners know, the advanced technology requires a lot of power, even when not in active use. Purported next-iPhone batteries seen in photos and sporting slightly higher specifications than existing iPhone batteries may, if accurate, suggest that Apple has overcome the LTE issue with a modest compromise.

Western European PC market soft, Apple increases UK share

08/10, 1:05am

Economy, imminent Windows 8 release, tablet market cited

Mirroring global trends, PC market analyst firm Gartner reports that PC shipments in western Europe declined 2.4 percent in the second quarter of 2012 over the same period in 2011. Mobile PC shipments grew four percent, while desktop workstation shipments declined 12.8 percent. The professional PC market declined 5.3 percent, with 0.4 percent growth in the consumer PC market.

Mountain Lion files hint at upcoming iMac, Mac Pro revisions

08/10, 12:29am

Code names may hint at lack of optical drives

Some internal configuration files that reveal a list of Macs that support flash drive or USB booting in Mountain Lion may have inadvertently tipped Apple's hand on future iMac and Mac Pro configurations. A report by AppleInsider also indicates that the as-yet-unannounced models could be the first desktops in nearly 20 years that don't include a built-in optical drive, a long-desired Apple engineering goal. The configuration files with the new model numbers are seen inside Boot Camp Assistant.


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