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Briefly: Scosche Realm, Etymotic MusicPRO, UrbanEars Zinken

07/18, 9:50pm

Scosche Realm line boosted with four new models

Scosche has released the latest in the Realm line of on-ear, reference-grade headphones. The new models are all powered by 40mm drivers, and feature copper voice coils and rare-earth neodymium magnets. Ear cushioning is provided by viscoelastic memory foam that softens in response to body heat, and conforms to the listener's ear shape. Two models, the RH656md and RH656m on-ear headphones, boast Scosche's Siri-compatible tapLINE III control and microphone, which allows users to play, pause, adjust volume, activate voice control, and perform hands-free calling. The RH656md in black and RH656m in white retail for $130. The models without the microphone, the RH600bk (black) and RH600w (white) run $100.

Apple pushes fix for CPU, USB issues in newest MacBooks

07/18, 9:39pm

Appears to fix USB 3.0 external drive mounting issues

Responding to complaints about CPU power use under load that eerily echoes a 2011 issue and also resolving a tricky issue regarding some USB 3.0 drive enclosures, Apple today issued a software update for just the latest models of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. The "Pro Update 1.0" release notes do not specify the power consumption and USB problems in any detail, but reports of the machines losing battery while under high load even while plugged in have been spotted in support forums.

EU looking into Windows 8 browser lockout

07/18, 8:48pm

Antitrust investigation to see whether Windows 8 is unfair

Regulators in the European Union are looking into whether Microsoft's browser policy for the forthcoming Windows 8 constitutes a violation of antitrust rules to which Microsoft had previously agreed. As Ars Technica reports, the investigation is but one of two in which European regulators are taking Microsoft to task over the browser policies on its Windows platforms.

Oracle versus Google 'fair use' legal fight heading to DC?

07/18, 8:20pm

Judge Alsup unlikely to overturn his own rulings

Fresh off a triumph over Oracle in its Java plagiarizing dispute, Google has undertaken a potentially-risky maneuver by filing for a judgement as a matter of law (JMOL) ruling from Judge William Alsup on various unresolved issues from Oracle's copyright claims, and requests a hearing date of August 23. Given Alsup's comprehensive judgement on the matter, the next venue for the appeal is almost certainly the Federal appeals court in Washington, DC. Both Oracle and Google have requested the judge rule on a JMOL motion related to the unceremonious $0 dollar settlement marking the end of the trial.

Google Play Books now available in France

07/18, 8:06pm

Deal follows resolution of publisher litigation

French customers of Google's Play Store will now be able to purchase books through the entertainment hub. The news was announced in a post on Google's European Public Policy Blog. French access to Google's book store comes following the resolution of a six-year legal saga involving suits from both French author and publisher guilds.

Apple wins broad user interface patent

07/18, 7:52pm

Patent covers variety of touchscreen interactions

Apple has been granted a patent on much of the user interface model underlying much of its iOS operating system. The patent covers a "portable electronic device, method, and graphical user interface for displaying electronic lists and documents" and could represent a major weapon for the iPhone maker in its ongoing legal struggles with a variety of Android handset manufacturers.

Details for Kansas City Google Fiber launch due July 26

07/18, 7:45pm

Gigabit fiber-optic Internet access set to launch in near future

Residents of both Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri may be getting Google Fiber in the near future. An update on the Google Fiber Blog claims that the service will be launching soon, and that more information will be made available on July 26. The sentiment is also mirrored on the Google Fiber website, although with a message that reads as if it will be activated on that date.

2013 Honda Accord to be the first with Aha-based HondaLink

07/18, 5:12pm

Honda will be the first automaker to support Aha Radio in 2013 Accord

Honda detailed the HondaLink in-car entertainment system that will debut in the 2013 Accord on Wednesday. The first automaker to use the Aha platform by Harman, it will allow web access to Facebook, Twitter, and other web-based services and news. The HondaLink smartphone app for iOS and Android devices lets users customize content on the phone before they get into the car.

Apple starts attaching unique IDs to in-app receipts

07/18, 4:54pm

Apple starts attaching unique IDs to in-app receipts

Apple has begun attaching unique identifiers to the validation receipts for in-app purchases, according to MacRumors. The change is believed to be an escalation in Apple's attempts to defeat a hack allowing free in-app purchases. The Russian coder responsible for the hack has managed to circumvent past Apple measures.

Verizon LTE rolls out in 33 new markets

07/18, 4:53pm

Provider shoots for 400 US markets by end of 2012

Verizon today announced that, beginning July 19, its 4G LTE network would be available in 33 new markets. In addition to the new markets, 32 other markets would see an expansion of 4G LTE service. The company plans to have more than 400 US markets covered by its LTE service by the end of 2012.

Windows 8 release date revealed

07/18, 4:37pm

October 26 sees new system launch

The next version of Microsoft's Windows 8 will launch on October 26 of this year. The news emerged today at Microsoft's annual sales meeting, where Windows Division President Steven Sinofsky confirmed the release date. The news is in keeping with previous hints from Microsoft that the product would launch in late October.

Ofcom report: SMS used more than voice calls in UK

07/18, 4:31pm

Tenth of population owns a tablet computer, two fifths own smartphones

The average British resident uses SMS and social networking more than phone calls, a study claims. Ofcom, the UK regulator for communications, has released a report suggesting mobile-based voice calls are in decline for the first time ever, with use falling by over one percent in 2011. Landline call volumes dropped by ten percent, which equates to an overall decline of five percent for all voice calls throughout the UK last year.

Panasonic reveals four additions to Lumix camera range

07/18, 3:51pm

New cameras includes compact with Wi-Fi connectivity

Panasonic has announced four new cameras in its Lumix range. One of the new models, the SZ5, is a compact camera with Wi-Fi connectivity. While it can connect to a wireless router, it can also use iOS and Android apps on mobile devices for remote shooting, using the handset display as a monitor and viewfinder, with controls for focus and zoom functions. It also has 10x optical zoom, "Sonic Speed" autofocus, a three-inch LCD with a high angle mode that adjusts the backlighting based on the environment, and a 14.1-megapixel CCD aided by Panasonic's Venus engine for image processing.

Samsung's 75-inch ES9000 HDTV due in August for $10K

07/18, 3:47pm

Samsung ES9000 coming to the US in August with four sets of 3D glasses

First introduced at CES and shipping in Korea earlier this month, Samsung's flagship 75-inch ES9000 HDTV has now been dated and priced for the US market. The set is due to arrive sometime in August and carry a whopping $10,000 price tag, The Verge reported on Wednesday. For the money, buyers will get a thin, 0.31-inch curved rose-gold bezel that hides a retractable webcam for video chats.

Newly-published images show original iPad prototypes

07/18, 3:40pm

Pre-iPhone designs show thick backs, small bezels

Documents from a December deposition of Apple's lead designer, Jonathan Ive, show images of the earliest iPad prototypes, NetworkWorld notes. During one point in the videotaped Q&A session, Ive is shown images of a device referred to as the "035" mockup/prototype. "My recollection of first seeing it is very hazy, but it was, I'm guessing, sometime between 2002 and 2004, some but it was I remember seeing this and perhaps models similar to this when we were first exploring tablet designs that ultimately became the iPad," he says when asked if he's seen the mockup before.

Dropbox hires third-party firm to look into security breach

07/18, 3:20pm

Cloud storage users get spammed, Dropbox hires outside company

Cloud storage provider Dropbox has faced a security breach on Tuesday, where users' accounts received spam messages. The users report that Dropbox may have leaked the addresses themselves, since the claim to have made up ones solely for use with the service. Dropbox has hired a third party to investigate these allegations and any leak on its part.

TreeHugger: Retina Mac batteries not replaceable

07/18, 3:16pm

Internal service tech memo says whole top case must be replaced

Environmental site TreeHugger has gotten ahold of an Apple memo revealing that the battery in the new Retina MacBook pros cannot be easily replaced. The finding makes the new MacBooks even less repairable than previously thought. The revelation also casts doubt on the ultimate recyclability of the new MacBooks, as replacing the battery requires replacing a considerable portion of the computer itself.

YouTube adds face blurring feature to hide subjects

07/18, 2:55pm

YouTube among the first video-sharing sites to allow blurring faces

YouTube has launched a new feature for its video-sharing service, allowing video owners to make their subjects anonymous and thus protect their identities. This could prove useful when uploading political protests or less sensitive footage such as kids' games. The blur can be applied to new or existing videos and is available under the Video Enhancements tool and Additional Features.

Microsoft said to prep 'Wedge' line of Windows 8 keyboards

07/18, 1:44pm

New keyboard designed especially for Windows 8

According to Czech site WinMag, Microsoft will soon debut a new line of keyboards to roll out alongside Windows 8. The new keyboards, dubbed "Wedge" are said to be designed for mobile use and will apparently feature some form of cover. Unlike the keyboard featured in Microsoft's previously revealed Surface tablets, these appear to be a thicker affair and may work with a range of other tablets.

UK judge asks Apple to announce Samsung didn't copy iPad

07/18, 1:34pm

Disclaimers ordered into newspapers, UK website

A British judge has ordered Apple to publicly state that Samsung didn't copy the iPad, reports say. A notice will soon have to appear on the company's UK website, as well as in regional newspapers. The website notice, which has yet to go live, must stay in place for six months.

SteelSeries ships Sensei RAW gaming mice

07/18, 1:13pm

Cheaper mouse offering lacks onboard customization, LED menu

Peripheral maker SteelSeries has made its Sensei RAW gaming mice available for purchase. The pair of peripherals is a step down from its premium gaming mice, lacking some of the customization offered by the 32-bit ARM processor inside the Sensei range, but still contains the same core internals as its high-end counterparts. Although still aimed at gamers, the RAW version is for those looking for a more basic offering that is also cheaper than others in the SteelSeries portfolio.

Apple buys new Austin land in advance of expansion

07/18, 12:52pm

New ground located next to existing campus

Apple has already bought three tracts of land in preparation for its expansion in Austin, Texas, according to the Austin Business Journal. The real estate is in the Milwood Section 20 subdivision near West Parmer and Delcour, next to Apple's existing Austin campus, situated at Riata Vista Circle. A deal between Apple and McShane Development is said to have been finalized on June 20th, although the price paid and the square footage involved haven't been made public.

Briefly: Hex Stealth Case, Red Giant Carousel launched

07/18, 11:57am

Red Giant teams up with CrumplePop

Hex has launched a new iPhone 4/4S case that features a shielded internal storage compartment for an RFID-enabled card. The Hex Stealth Case offers protection for the back and sides of the device, and features raised corners that improve screen protection. RFID-enabled cards stored within the case can continue to be used for tap purchases without creating any cross-interference with the iPhone's antenna. The Hex Stealth case can be ordered online for $35 in both black and white models.

Online Apple store gets SMS order status updates

07/18, 11:43am

Only some carriers currently supported

Apple has upgraded its online store with the ability to get order status notifications via text message. The option is available during the checkout stage of any order, and should send out an SMS message any time shipment and/or pickup status changes. "The number of messages you'll receive will vary depending on the orders you placed," Apple adds. Texts are restricted to the hours between 8AM and 9PM in a person's timezone.

Apple faces Portugal lawsuit over AppleCare

07/18, 11:24am

Regulators focus on AppleCare warranty

Apple is currently facing yet another international lawsuit over its AppleCare extended warranties. The Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection (DECO) is said to have announced plans to sue the company for misleading customers into paying for unnecessary coverage, as local laws already require electronics manufacturers to honor warranty claims for a period of two years, according to Portuguese blog iPhoneTuga.

Next-gen iPhone expected to get NFC, LTE, 1GB of RAM

07/18, 10:55am

Device not quite in full production, source claims

The next-generation iPhone will have 1GB of RAM, LTE 4G, and most notably NFC hardware, claims a source for the Boy Genius Report. While LTE and more RAM are generally expected, talk of NFC has been largely quiet except for alleged hints in the codebase. The technology could allow iPhones to make mobile payments, or other quick data transfers with nearby devices.

Judge blocks Apple, Samsung requests to keep docs private

07/18, 10:01am

Parties have one week to refile

US District Judge Lucy Koh has denied several requests by Apple and Samsung to keep some documents secret in the companies' upcoming trial, scheduled for July 30th, Reuters reports. In her ruling, Koh states that "it appears that the parties have overdesignated confidential documents and are seeking to seal information that is not truly sealable." Nevertheless, both parties have a week to refile their requests.

AT&T mimics Verizon, outlines shared data plans

07/18, 9:35am

Carrier to keep existing options

AT&T has announced that it will soon offer shared data plans, following on the heels of similar subscription changes introduced by Verizon. The collective "Mobile Share" plans enable customers to connect several devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to a common data pool. Both AT&T and Verizon offer plans starting at 1GB, however the carriers utilize different pricing structures for devices and data tiers.

MS Office for Mac to get SkyDrive update, no 2013 edition

07/18, 8:23am

MS to offer Mac users software update for Office for Mac 2011

In the aftermath of Microsoft's big Office 15 announcement this week it has emerged that there will be no new version of Office for Mac 2013 edition. The Next Web has received confirmation from Microsoft that instead, users of Office for Mac 2011 can expect a software update around the same time that the new version of Office 2013 launches. The update will bring tighter integration with SkyDrive and Office 365 enabling Mac users to access their documents from the cloud.

Sony F800 Series Android Walkman leads new range

07/18, 7:19am

Sony reveals slew of new Walkman MP3 players

Sony has revealed a slew of new Walkman devices led by the arrival of its second Android-powered Walkman, the F800 Series. The new device joins the Walkman NW-Z1000 unveiled earlier this year which centers on a large 4.3-inch display, but only runs Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). The new 3.5-inch F800 ships out of the box with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), but shares the NW-Z1000's proprietary S-Master MX Digital Amplifier for superior audio reproduction.

Chinese display makers form OLED alliance

07/18, 6:38am

New OLED display alliance to tackle Samsung and LG

Leading China-based display makers including Visionox and Changhong along with other partners have formed a new alliance to develop OLED displays, according to Digitimes. With the battle for LCD displays largely won by the South Korean titans Samsung and LG Display, the next battleground is set to be fought on the development and production of OLED displays. While Samsung and LG Display are the early leaders in the development of OLED technologies, the new Chinese alliance now joins a recent alliance between Japanese giants Sony and Panasonic.

PayPal acquires photo-based mobile payments firm

07/18, 6:34am purchase brings extra payment options to PayPal

PayPal has acquired mobile payment system The mobile app system relies on taking a photo of a credit or debit card with the phone to get the card details, rather than swiping the magnetic strip through a portable reader used in other services such as Square. The purchase of by the payments firm will add another mobile payments system to its portfolio, alongside its already existing Paypal Here swipe add-on for handsets.

AT&T CEO keeps door to 3G FaceTime charges open

07/18, 1:30am

In-development feature stability being worked on

Speaking at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson was asked about the report that AT&T might charge customers extra if they want to use FaceTime over 3G. The feature was announced during Tim Cook's Worldwide Developer's Conference keynote speech, to a muted carrier response.

Predictions: MBA sales, future products, smartphone growth

07/18, 12:59am

Analysts putting out last Q2 calls and predictions

Despite a mixed consensus on how well Apple may do when it reports its calendar second-quarter (fiscal third-quarter) revenues next week, analysts are throwing in their final predictions on both the financial outcomes and what the near-term future holds for the company. Neilsen says Apple and Google will continue to eat the lunch of the other smartphone OSes, Piper Jaffray doubles down on the Apple HDTV and iPad Mini, while Gartner foresees a substantial growth in ultraportables.


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