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New Modbook announcement teased for Thursday

updated 09:40 pm EDT, Wed June 27, 2012

Facebook-shared photos show digitizer, pen, two buttons

A teaser image on Facebook materialized earlier today, showcasing what appears to be a new OS X Modbook tablet conversion. The Modbook was originally a plastic-cased MacBook converted by engineers at Axiotron into a 13-inch pen-controlled tablet. The intellectual property has been purchased by a new company now bearing the Modbook name. The teaser images are short on details, but the associated text suggests a product announcement is expected on Thursday.

There are few images available to go with the teaser, but a pen input device is apparent on one, so an active digitizer and with special stylus as found in the original ModBook is likely. A second image shows the OS X dock, above the new Modbook faceplate. The third image shows a power button and what is presumably an optical media eject button, which would eliminate the Retina display Macbook Pro from contention as the core of the tablet.

Axiotron's intellectual property was purchased by one of Axiotron's original engineers, and Modbook, Inc. was founded on March 11 of this year. Capital was generated, and operations began March 13. The original Modbook, based on the 13-inch plastic MacBook, won the "Best of Show" award at the Macworld Expo in 2007, and the Modbook Pro based on the MacBook Pro won in 2009. The product took much longer to ship in volume than originally planned, and in many cases, preorders took a year or more from order to delivery.

Distributor OWC has a Modbook sales page with the original product available in both complete units and a conversion service to transform an existing non-unibody 13-inch MacBook into a Modbook, but OWC representatives report that the product is no longer available. Service and driver support for the original Modbook is available from North Carolina-based repair shop ECMS..

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  1. facebook_Steven

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    Joined: Jun 2012


    Who Cares?

    We have something called an iPad now.

  1. facebook_Pete

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    Joined: Jun 2012



    It's intended for artists/graphic designers etc... You can't run regular osx apps on an ipad and the modbook has a wacom screen.

  1. facebook_Steven

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    Joined: Jun 2012


    comment title

    Exactly! The iPad is a piece of tablet hardware that runs an operating system that was designed to be used on a tablet. The Modbook is a piece of tablet hardware that runs an operating system that was designed to be used on desktop and notebook computers with keyboard and mouse input devices. As a result, using a Modbook was an inconsistent and vastly second rate experience.

    No doubt many artists loved using a Modbook because it allowed them to use the very desirable tablet form factor but, as there was no real tablet OS available at the time, the main reason that they did so was primarily because they had no alternatives. As someone who has used a Modbook I can tell you it was a second rate device at best.

    Be excited by a new release of Photoshop for iOS, or Illustrator for iOS, or some brand new iOS-based tool even; but another lame device that tries to shoehorn a desktop OS onto a tablet device? Please! The Microsoft approach does not work!!

    Axiotron not being up to the task was way down the list of problems with the Modbook.

  1. ScottGG

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Modbook Pro Error: ID10T

    Anybody that invests in this product is a complete idiot!!!!

    This is a company that took 2 1/2 years bring out the first Modbook after getting orders placed for it, and to the market two years later. They promised the Modbook Pro for the past three years. Had it shown at MacWorld two years ago and i was still waiting to get a delivery date from them. The company has never answered one single question about what the delays were from. Almost no support on any of their products for a ton of problems with the pen tracking that is like a Black plague. Jumping Cusor problems that required a mail back problem fix, No Bluetooth working for over a year after delivery, screen rotation blamed on Apple that became a hardware issue, the digitizer board has to be reset all the time to get it to work, every update that Apple did caused the Modbook to crash making it impossible to use, to use it with each crash it required all the parts of the OSX to be reloaded in this clunky guessing order to make the Pen work right...I can go on and on with tons of mind blowing problems. The Modbook was "Discontinued" and most don't sell them anymore, and no one wants to support them either when Apple changes their OSX around each time.

    Support was done by one person, and the rest of us on many Modbook Fourms all feeling around in the dark on this ModJunk trying to help each of us the Suckers who drank the KoolAid of Axiotron's Leader Andreas Hass.

    I own 22 Modbooks right now, I had setup a business to supply Doctor offices custom software for the Modbooks. The company made a ton of statements about what this would do, and nothing ever came about. I lost my company from my investment in the Modbook line, file chapter 7 bankrupt all because they never responded to any help requests from investors. The company is run like a KickStarter Project, with no concerns about producing anything that works!  Yes I'm bitter!  But do your reasearch before you spend the ((( $5,699.00 price tag on the Modbook Pro))).  Yes! That's double the price of a MacPro. You can buy 8 fully loaded iPads for the same price and add ipens to the mix. 

    It's going to take a Bunch of Real Miracles to restore any faith in this company and it's products, after treating the thousands of buyers of the first Modbook with the cold shoulder. Again the price is over $5,000 for a Modbook Pro!!!  They are Nutz!!!

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