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Apple starts 'Pathways' training program for retail workers

updated 12:29 pm EDT, Mon June 25, 2012

Topic key point of America-wide Apple Store meetings

One of the key subjects of US-wide Apple Store meetings on Sunday night was a new worker training program, called Pathways, 9to5Mac reports. Sources in the retail chain say that the objective of the initiative is to give workers a career path. In practice, new hires will now be considered in training for their entire first year after joining an Apple Store.

The program should affect both incoming and some existing employees. The focus is said to be tripling the amount of core training people receive, which includes topics like products, store features, and talking to customers. Each store is set to have one worker assigned to managing Pathways as well as other training operations.

Much of Apple's success has been attributed to its retail outlets, which not only let people try products first-hand but have been famous for their customer service. That reputation has slipped somewhat in recent years, something the company may be trying to fix. The change is one of several being instituted for the retail workforce, such as a pay increase.

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  1. facebook_Aryu

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    Pity the Employees

    Being a long term Mac geek, I have close friends working in Apple Stores, in every one there is a distinctive division between the holier-than-thou store management and everyone else, and this training is merely regurgitated Disney-speak with Mac graphics. It will probably create a modest sales improvement, especially with inexperienced 18 year olds (people skills their parents should have taught them), but for everyone else, it is always too broad and idealistic. Like most large retail corporations, the lessons are created by psychologists and professional lesson planners, tested by brown-nosin' store managers, and producing a "lesson plan" that is often secretly ridiculed as a joke by the sales people for being out of touch with reality.

    If true, this marks the move of Apple Stores from being unique to them being just like everyone else as they begin stressing the employees; buying their enslavement for a few extra dollars. The push to up-sell, suggesting overpriced add-ons and generally annoying the customers begins.

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