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Mac Pro fan petitions Apple for new Mac Pro

updated 08:51 pm EDT, Thu May 24, 2012

Facebook petition finds worldwide support for new pro-level Mac

An Apple fan dissatisfied with the attention the company has paid to its Mac Pro line of recent has taken to Facebook, posting a fan page petitioning the computer maker to refresh its line of professional-level desktops, or at least to let Mac Pro fans know what is going on with the line. The page has subsequently taken off, with more than 4,100 Likes and a number of shares from users around the world.

The maker of the page bills himself as a professional editor and graphic animator in the New York City area. He initially posted a lengthy plea to Apple to shed some light on its Mac Pro plans, claiming that he did not wish to go to "the Dark side" by buying a Windows machine, and that hacked models combining more modern equipment with Apple's OS X were insufficient to meet professional needs. The resulting page has been shared more than 2,250 by users hailing from a myriad of countries.

Apple's Mac Pro line has historically been popular among creative professionals, but it appears to have fallen by the wayside in light of the company's much larger successes with the iPhone and iPad. The company has continued to revamp its MacBook offerings as often as twice a year, slightly more often than the iMac all-in-one and Mac Mini desktop machines. In contrast, the Mac Pro is approaching two years without a refresh.

For a time, rumors circulated that the professional line of Mac workstations was in danger of cancellation, and the line has seen ordering and shipping delays in recent weeks. Some hope remains, though, as the line has also been rumored to receive a refresh, though those rumors emerged months ago with little word since.

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  1. msuper69

    Joined: Dec 1969


    WTF is a Macpro?

    They want Apple to produce a new version of the Mac Pro and they can't even get the name of the computer right.

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  1. Arne_Saknussemm

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Face it; the Mac Pro is OBSOLETE

    Apple makes computing devices for "the rest of us".

    The Mac pro is too complex , with too many movable parts that can get lost or misplaced, and way too expensive for most people.

    It does not fit within Apple's simple is best approach.

    Besides the new iMacs and Mac minis with thunderbolt ports and the late model processors they incorporate are more than enough power for most users. The new iMac processors are even better at handling Multi Media than the 2 year old Xeons on the old desktop real estate robbing towers.

    Just let go and move on.

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  1. DaJoNel

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Arne has a point.

    Apple isn't set out to be just another PC manufacturer. Don't get me wrong; I love the customizability of the Mac Pro and its 96 GB of RAM (if you buy that much). But wouldn't you all prefer an iMac that packs the same amount of power? Now THAT's what we should petition Apple to make.

  1. Medazinol

    Joined: Dec 1969


    comment title

    Arne, what the h*** are you talking about? The MacPro does not have any parts that can be misplaced...
    The MacPro serves a very small market segment of professionals compared to a few years ago. iMacs today are much more powerful than they used to be and are a better value in most cases than a base MacPro (the only one really worth buying is the multi CPU model which is hugely expensive).
    The problem is that with the advent of solid state drives and Thunderbolt that most of the advantages that MacPros had over other machines are largely moot. Right now the inly advantage for a MacPro is the Xeon CPUs and large amount of RAM that can be installed.
    The fact that Thunderbolt has enough bandwidth to handle external an PCIe bus so you can have video cards and expansion cards in a chassis along with external drives denies that other 2 last advantages a MacPro once held.
    There is no denying that for really high-end work the MacPro is really superior to anything else but the high cost of entry is not s cut and dry as before. The MacPro should be reduced in size to handle a couple of PCIe cards, maybe 2 drives, have 2 Xeon CPUs, add Thunderbolt and reduce the price by say $800 to better fit into the product line.

  1. myramoki

    Joined: Dec 1969


    MacPro should be a SX79R5

    Why can't Apple build their equivalent of Shuttle's SX79R5? This would be an incredible machine. Powerful, small, expandable. Everything many people have been clamoring for for a long time. And ditch the Xeon's. Too expensive unless your working on the most grueling of tasks. Perhaps leave it as a build to order for those who really need it, but many prosumers would be fine with i7 Extreme edition.

  1. bdmarsh

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Sometime after June

    while I agree with others that maybe a lower-end i7 based tower (which would require a different logicboard of course, so extra expense to develop). As for the Xeon's, with the IvyBridge models out in June, there is no reason to ship a SandyBridge based one now. All workstation class systems were on hold for 18 months, and even with the SandyBridge out, most of the other companies are only shipping token updates with SandyBridge because the much improved IvyBridge will be out in June.

    Thunderbolt is ok for consumer level things, and certain higher-end items like Data transfers, but compared to the throughput of higher end cards (16x PCIe 2.0 or upcoming 3.0) it isn't enough.

    When updated, the Mac Pro will sell quite a few units from pent up demand. Hopefully I can afford one not long after this new model is released. I am still using an original model Mac Pro, only thing original in it are the CPUs and Logicboard (and case), everything else has been upgraded multiple times. A 27" iMac with Thunderbolt RAID array would be the closest potential replacement... it can hold enough ram, it can drive 2 additional displays, although upgrading the boot drive is still a negative point (except going to SSD only to get around the custom firmware Apple used on the 2011 iMac hard drives). The price for the iMac plus Thunderbolt RAID would be around the same as a Mac Pro tower though...

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  1. iphonerulez

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Apple has no interest in

    spending money on a product that doesn't return money. Seriously, how many consumers out there are going to buy some Mac Pro for some utterly absurd pricetag and can't even use the latest graphics cards available. Apple just needs to build some heavy-duty iMac Pro with Thunderbolt ports and the capability to hold a lot of RAM memory. The Mac Pro is going away for good. It's a gorgeous machine, but its day is long passed. That desktop box is a dinosaur in terms of computing. You have to figure when a company like Apple has so much excess cash laying around and they can't even update a product for two years, then they just don't give a damn anymore about the product or the target customers. Apple isn't even close to running a charity organization so they'd almost have to dump any product that they can't profit from. Apple isn't going to see any profit from a $4000 machine that only a handful of users are interested in. Mac Pro R.I.P.

  1. Pixelsmack

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Apple's choices with Aperture and Final Cut make i

    The Mac Pro is dead. Apple wishes to exit the pro-market and stick to mainstream/prosumer. I personally know of editors who jumped ship to AVID after this last FCP debacle. h*** they even looked at Adobe's latest version of Premiere!

  1. UmarOMC

    Joined: Dec 1969



    The worst idiot is the one that thinks the iMacs have the same power as the Mac Pros. Get an iPad, BlueTooth keyboard and call it a day... and check out some damn forums and, people are flashing PC graphic cards for their MacPros all the time.

    Get educated.

  1. migs647

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Saying thunderbolt external pci-e can replace internal for high end graphics is not a solid point. pci-e 2.0 (lets not even bring up 3.0) supports 16Gigabytes aggregate, thunderbolt supports 20Gigabits. That's over 6 times faster.

    In other words, you can't replace professional graphics, or even real gaming cards with external pci-e using thunderbolt.

    Development wise at our shop, iMacs do not cut it. Our oldest Mac Pros (gen 2) still trounce modern iMacs when it comes to compiling and handling graphics. This is a need, not just from developers, but video producers, audio producers, 3d renders, science, etc.

    Yes for the average consumer iMacs handle most things great! But for others that need the extra power, dropping that option could really hurt apple.

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